The Original Stretch Armstrong: Gel-filled action figure stretches 4x his size!
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The Original Stretch Armstrong

A gel-filled action figure that stretches 4x his size!

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Stretch Armstrong never skips leg day… or, apparently, a yoga class. This foot-tall action figure has unmatched flexibility, allowing you to stretch him to four times his height and tie him up in a knot.

The hard-bodied hero has soft latex skin and is filled with a pliable gel that enables him to reach four times his natural resting height when you pull on his arms and legs. Wrap his arms around his legs, his legs around his arms, and all of his limbs around his whole body.

Give him a breather, and the strongman returns to his natural form, ready for you to give his body—and yourself—another workout.

Features & specs

  • Foot-high action figure with stretchable limbs and torso
  • The original!
  • Trunks: blue
  • Jaw: chiseled
  • Abs: ripped
  • Pliable and resilient
  • Stretches up to 4x his normal size!
  • Natural height: 12" (30.5 cm)
  • Stretched height: up to 48" (122 cm)
  • Returns to normal form

Looks great for his age

Yes, this is the original Stretch Armstrong. After all these years, Stretch can still touch his toes (and go much, much farther) and looks like he can lift a truck. Standing at a healthy one-foot height, you can stretch him up to four times his normal size vertically or horizontally!

Weird flex but ok.

Tall for his height

It's a good thing Stretch's briefs are painted on; otherwise, things might get awkward as you stretch him to different sizes. Stretch Armstrong can elongate his body to be four times taller or four times wider than he normally is and go right back to his original shape in just a moment. For reference, an ordinary person's wingspan is normally equal to their height, and when you stretch them like that, they ordinarily don't go back to the way they were before. So while this guy is a classic, he's definitely special.

A comparison of stretched and unstretched figures
Stretches up to 4 feet!

Twist but don't shout

Stretch Armstrong is one action figure ready for action. You can pull him tall, pull him wide, twist him in a knot, and tie him up, and he'll be ready for more. His flexible insides and outsides make him tough enough to take any abuse shy of sharp objects. So go ahead and pick him up and put him through your punishments… or just play!

Three images of Stretch Armstrong stretched, twisted, and tiedThree images of Stretch Armstrong stretched, twisted, and tiedThree images of Stretch Armstrong stretched, twisted, and tied
Stretch, twist, and tie him!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is it filled with?

Answer: Just like it always has been, The Original Stretch Armstrong is filled with corn syrup. Don't eat it!

Question: Can I take his briefs off?

Answer: No, they're painted on so they stretch with him.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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