World's Smallest Stretch Armstrong: Tiny but mighty gel-filled action hero.
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World's Smallest Stretch Armstrong

Tiny but mighty gel-filled action hero.

World's Smallest Stretch Armstrong
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Everyone's favorite strongman just got smaller.

The World's Smallest Stretch Armstrong is a miniaturized version of the classic 70s toy bodybuilder. Pull his arms to four times his height, let go, and they return to normal! His ruggedly handsome hard plastic head won't bat an eyelash as you extend his leg to kick bad guy butt or tie him in a sitting bull pretzel pose.

Features & specs

  • 4" (10.16 cm) tall Stretch Armstrong
  • Pull his legs to over twice his body length
  • Pull his arms to four times his body length
  • Let go of stretched limbs, and they return to normal
  • Stretch him and tie him in knots without harming him
  • Ages 6+

Super-small and streeeeetchy

The World's Smallest Stretch Armstrong is just as strong, just as stretchy, and way smaller than the original. The pocket-sized powerhouse is an action figure that lives up to his name since the itty bitty body builder can be pulled more than twice his body length!

He's called Stretch Armstrong 'cause that's what he does.

Flexible fun

Since the '70s, Stretch Armstrong has been wowing kids with his defined physique that's always flexin' while maintaining super-human flexibility. Rarely can you still get a kick out of an old toy as an adult, but this version of the pocket-sized power lifter pulls it off as you pull on his limbs.

It helps to not have kneecaps if you want to be this flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's inside?

Answer: Stretch Armstrong is purported to be filled with corn syrup.

Question: Will his briefs come off?

Answer: Stretch's clothing is painted on, so he'll remain modest unless you go out of your way to scrape them off.

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