World's Smallest Lincoln Logs: Tiny frontier-inspired construction set.
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World's Smallest Lincoln Logs

Tiny frontier-inspired construction set.

World's Smallest Lincoln Logs
Classic Lincoln Logs, only smaller!
Start building with this 49-piece set!
  • World's Smallest Lincoln Logs
  • These Lincoln Logs are way, way tiny!
  • Classic Lincoln Logs, only smaller!
  • Start building with this 49-piece set!
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Go west and manifest deskiny in the wilds of your workspace with the World's Smallest Lincoln Logs.

Just like the classic children's toy, this construction kit includes slotted rough-hewn logs that interlock at 90º angles to build a shelter in seconds. And just like the original thing, this set includes dozens of logs in different sizes as well as roof slats, trusses, and even a chimney.

All of the things you love about the nostalgic settler's set have been miniaturized to matchstick size to create a tiny frontiersman's fantasy.

Features & specs

  • A set of tiny timbers made for building
  • Just like the real thing only much, much smaller (and cuter)
  • Officially licensed
  • Includes 2x 4-slot whole logs, 2x 2-slot half logs, 12x 2-slot whole logs, 24x 1-slot whole logs, 4x 2-slot green half logs, 2x green panels, 2x red trusses, and 1x red chimney
  • Dimensions for 2-slot whole logs: 1 1/4" x 1/4" (3.18 cm x 0.64 cm)
  • Material: plastic
  • Ages 6+

Little Lincoln Logs

If you want to build a mansion in the mountains, the World's Smallest Lincoln Logs would not be your first choice. But if you want to construct a cute little cottage on your desktop, reach for these tiny timbers and build to your heart's content. This construction set shrinks the classic toy to even tinier proportions, giving you an adorable entry to nostalgic play.

These Lincoln Logs are way, way tiny!

Same but smaller

The World's Smallest Lincoln Logs are everything you remember about the classic childhood construction set only smaller. From half-hewn base logs to notched slots in single, double, and triple whole logs to the brightly colored roofing, all of the pieces stay true to the original Lincoln Log set.

Comparison of classic and the World
Classic Lincoln Logs, only smaller!

Tiny homes

Two score and nine yards of kit (that's a total of 49 pieces for those who count by 1s) make for a surprisingly big number of pieces on this tiny set. With nearly 50 bits of hardware, you can create many types of structures or buildings, and even the biggest one will still be tiny!

A complete 49-piece set
Start building with this 49-piece set!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the pieces made out of?

Answer: All of the pieces are made out of plastic.

Question: Is it hard to get everything back in the case?

Answer: While the canister is tiny too, the entire set easily slips back in for safekeeping.

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