Giant Stress Ball: Oversized stress reliever.
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Giant Stress Ball

Oversized stress reliever.

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Some days require more stress relief than can fit in one hand. The Giant Stress Ball is over three-quarters of a pound of unwinding power that’ll get you through your biggest frustrations.

Dig into the soft, rubbery toy with both hands when you knead to work out your aggravation. Squeeze and pull the pliable material as much as you want—the ball can take a beating. Even when you’re not feeling stressed, you won’t want to let go of this addictive desk toy.

Features & specs

  • Soft, squeezable plaything
  • Approx. diameter: 5” (12.7 cm)
  • Approx. weight: 13 oz (368.54 g)
  • Material: TPR (may irritate those with a latex allergy)

Rubbery relaxation

Medical research has shown that stress is bad for your health, and Vat19 research has shown that fun is 100% more fun than stress. The Giant Stress Ball is a fidgety blue blob that your hands will love playing with, no matter your anxiety level.

Keep it on your desk for workday entertainment or throw it to a coworker taking on new responsibilities at the job. They’ll laugh at the ridiculous size… and be grateful for it later.

Grab hold of relaxation with two hands.

Beat up your ball

The Giant Stress Ball’s rubbery exterior and squishable insides give you a lot of ways to play. Smash the ball with your fist, knead it with both hands, or squeeze it to vent frustration.

Even when you’re not handling it directly, it’s mesmerizing to poke the ball and watch the dent reform into its natural spherical shape. The only stressful part is setting it down so you can get back to work.

Giant Stress Ball stretch, squeeze, punchGiant Stress Ball stretch, squeeze, punchGiant Stress Ball stretch, squeeze, punch
We can’t stress enough how much fun this toy is.

Big blue blob

Measuring a robust five inches in diameter and weighing in at a hefty 13 ounces, the Giant Stress Ball dwarfs the handheld stress toys popular in offices. The size feels like a gag, but you’ll feel happy to have all that material to work with once your fidgeting begins.

5” Giant Stress Ball
Large enough to handle a full work week (including overtime).

Danny and Erica find out what's inside of the Giant Stress Ball!

How tough is the Giant Stress Ball? And what's inside of it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s inside it?

Answer: While we don’t know the exact material inside the Giant Stress Ball, the synthetic filling can most accurately be classified as “squishy.”

Question: Is this going to rip open? I have a lot of stress to get out.

Answer: The Giant Stress Ball is made to withstand the normal squeezing and stretching you would do to a stress ball. Subjecting it to uber-extreme handling may result in rupture.

Question: How should I clean it? I don’t see a setting on my washing machine for “novelty stress ball.”

Answer: The Giant Stress Ball is best cleaned with a damp cloth, soap, and water.

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