Spitballs: Amazing water-based spheres grow up to 200 times their size.
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Amazing water-balls grow up to 200 times their original size.

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Behind the Scenes: Glow in the Dark Spitball Pool Party
Who Ate My Spitballs?
Jump Into This Bathtub Of Spitballs!
We answer your Burning Questions about Spitballs!
Watch to see what happens when you fill a pool with Spitballs!
We Filled a Pool with Millions of GLOWING Orbeez Spitballs!
  • Spitballs
  • Watch video for: Spitballs
  • Video: Behind the Scenes: Glow in the Dark Spitball Pool Party
  • Video: Who Ate My Spitballs?
  • Video: Jump Into This Bathtub Of Spitballs!
  • Video: We answer your Burning Questions about Spitballs!
  • Video: Watch to see what happens when you fill a pool with Spitballs!
  • Video: We Filled a Pool with Millions of GLOWING Orbeez Spitballs!
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  • Spitballs — Glow in the Dark
  • Spitballs — Water Marbles
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Spitballs are the amazing orbs that grow up to 200 times their original size when immersed in water.

Designed for bouncing, throwing, and smashing, Spitballs resemble kernels of salt prior to activation. When dropped into a bowl of warm water, they'll begin their metamorphosis. The longer they soak, the bigger they get. Growing to the size of a pea within five minutes, most Spitballs will eclipse the size of an acorn within a few hours.

If left out to dry, Spitballs will slowly return to their original size, so you can reuse them again and again. Each bag includes thousands of slippery, squishy, and explosive Spitballs. Available in regular, water marble, and glow-in-the-dark styles.

Features & specs

  • Expands up to 200X in water
  • Designed for throwing (and exploding!)
  • Reusable
  • Ages 4+
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes either 1,250 or 3,000 spitballs (depending on style)
  • Choose from 3 styles

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Spitballs expand up to 200X in water

Spitballs begin their lives as small (and somewhat unremarkable) transparent granules. But, add a little water and they'll grow up to 200 times their original size!

Simply add the Spitball granule to water and watch it expand up to 200X their original size.
Add the Spitball granule to water and it'll expand to 200 times its original size!

Ready to go in as little as 5 minutes

The longer the Spitball granule sits in water, the bigger it will become. Use warm water to speed up the absorption process.

In fact, a Spitball can be usable (fireable at a friend or enemy) within 5 minutes when grown in hot water. In under two hours, it'll be large enough to cause a wonderful explosion on the wall, ground, or your best friend's forehead.

The Spitballs toy can be ready in as little as five minutes (in hot water).
Use hot water to quicken the growth of your Spitballs.

Throw 'em!

Spitballs are primarily projectiles. Therefore, they are meant to be tossed at just about anything -- a wall, the floor, your Ben Roethlisberger poster, etc. The bigger the Spitball, the bigger the explosion.

Toy Spitballs are born to be thrown at the wall, the ground, or your friends!
Spitballs create a fun explosion when tossed at the floor, the wall, or an acquaintance's gold tooth.

Bounce 'em!

If dropped or thrown lightly, Spitballs will bounce.

Smaller Spitballs are quite bouncy.
Spitballs are squishy, slippery, and quite bouncy.

Smash 'em!

If some weak-kneed school "official" has taught you that throwing things at people is "mean", remind them how much money Peyton Manning makes. Then throw a Spitball at the back of their head...and cackle!

If cackling is frowned upon, show those ninnies how much fun it is to smash a Spitball in your hand.

Spitballs are fun to smash!
Spitballs are fun to smash. Period.

Choose from three styles

Spitballs are available in three styles: regular (aka clear and nearly invisible in water), water marbles (colorful with a marbled appearance), and glow-in-the-dark.

All three styles are roughly the same size with their only difference being appearance.

Please note: Water Marbles come in packages of approximately 3,000 Spitballs. The regular and glow-in-the-dark varieties come in packages of 1,250.

Choose from 3 varieties of Spitballs.
Choose from three styles of Spitballs: Regular, Water Marbles, and Glow in the Dark.

Each package includes thousands of spitballs!

Spitballs come in packages of either 1,250 or 3,000 spitballs depending on the style you select.

Style# of Spitballs
Glow in the Dark1,250
Water Marbles3,000

You get approximately 1,250 DuneCraft Spitballs per order.
Each package of spitballs includes over 1,000 spitballs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your Burning Questions about Spitballs!

Question: So, what's the point of a Spitball?

Answer: To bounce, throw, and smash!

Question: Are they safe?

Answer: Yes! They're 100% non-toxic and completely safe.

Question: How long will they last?

Answer: If kept hydrated, Spitballs will last indefinitely. If left to dry, a Spitball will eventually return to its original state and can be reused.

Question: Do Spitballs hurt?

Answer: If you're a princess, probably. Otherwise, you'll be fine. It's like being hit with an old-fashioned wet (paper-based) spitball.

Question: Can you fire them from a pen?

Answer: Smaller spitballs can be fired via a pen. Larger ones can simply be tossed with your hands. If you require more precision, use a 1/2" diameter piece of PVC as your "blowgun".

Question: How do you clean them up?

Answer: You can simply pick them up with your hand. Smashed fragments can be vacuumed. However, they're essentially water, so they won't cause much harm as they'll eventually evaporate.

Question: So I'm just supposed to throw Spitballs at people? Isn't that mean?

Answer: If you think they shouldn't keep score at Little League games because it could hurt someone's feelings, then we suppose the use of Spitballs may be a wee bit "medieval" for your sensibilities.

For the remainder of the sane planet, here's the unvarnished truth: Spitballs are intended to be thrown because it's dead fun. Oh, and we keep score because an Olympic medal ceremony where every competitor gets a gold sticker is about as "fair" to the participants as a physics contest between Stephen Hawking and anyone else.

Question: What does Stephen Hawking have to do with these Spitball thingies?

Answer: Very little. But now that we've somehow associated ourselves with such a brilliant mind, don't you think it's time to purchase? Of course it is. Buy, buy, buy!

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