Gel Blaster Surge: A battle kit with squishy water-filled orbs for projectiles.

Gel Blaster Surge

A battle kit with squishy water-filled orbs for projectiles.

Gun + 10,000 Gellets
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Gellets Refill (10,000 ct)
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Move over paintball, airsoft, and foam darts… there's a new crack shot battle set in town. Gel Blaster Surge combines the thrill of combat simulation games with the ease and fun of water warfare.

The ammo you'll be using are Gellets, tiny water marbles that you pre-soak to give them just the right amount of give to explode on impact (think tiny Spitballs). With a battery-powered automatic-fire blaster shooting at 150 feet-per-second, a hit will raise the stakes of battle with just enough of a slight sting to make you regret not getting the drop first. They're also biodegradable, mess-free, and stain-free, so you don't need to worry about chasing them down to collect every last one after you've called a truce.

Target practice by yourself or battle competitively… either way, with Gel Blaster Surge, you're sure to have a blast!

Note: Because we receive the Gellets Refill in an assortment, we must sell them randomly. You will receive either 10,000 orange, blue, or purple orbs.

Features & specs

  • A dueling blaster with biodegradable orbs as ammo
  • Gun includes: 1 blaster with rechargeable battery, 1 feed neck, 1 hopper, 1 pouch of 10,000-count ammo, safety glasses, a USB charging cable, and a quick start guide
  • Soak the ammo in water to grow them to size (7-8 mm)
  • Battery-powered with rechargeable battery via USB Type-C
  • Blaster has a safety on/off switch
  • Fully-automatic fire
  • 150 feet-per-second muzzle velocity
  • 100-foot range
  • Recommended for ages 12+
  • Approx. dimensions (without barrel): 9.0" x 7.0" x 2.5"
  • Approx. dimensions (with barrel): 12.0" x 9.0" x 2.5"
  • Gellets refill packs include 10,000 orbs (either blue, orange, or purple chosen at random)

Notes on this video

  • Please note: The design of the Gel Blaster Surge has changed slightly since this video was made.
State-of-the-art battle toy.
State-of-the-art battle toy.
This gun goes the distance!
This gun goes the distance!
Mess around without the mess.
Mess around without the mess.
Everything you need to battle your buds.
Everything you need to battle your buds.

Friendly fire

War is heck, but when you're blasting your buds with water soaked "Gellets" it's heckin' fun!

With realistic recoil action and long range shooting power, you’ll feel like your battle blaster is packing a powerful punch, but the biodegradable gel pellets are designed to sting without breaking the skin.

Pre-soak your ammo and use the included cable to charge up your weapon and in a few hours or less you'll be battling your frenemies, and unleashing your environmentally friendly ammo upon your targets.

Powerful, yet playful. Please note: The design of the Gel Blaster Surge has changed slightly since this video was created.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can it shoot other balls like paintballs?

Answer: No, it is designed specifically to shoot the included "gellets."

Question: Would the gellets expand in liquids other than water?

Answer: We can’t guarantee other liquids will produce the same results, so we recommend sticking with our old friend water.

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