World's Smallest Bop It!: A tiny version of the popular children's toy.
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World's Smallest Bop It!

A tiny version of one of the most popular children's toys of all time.

World's Smallest Bop It!
When not playing, use the included stand to display your World's Smallest Bop It!
Teeny Tiny High Score
  • World's Smallest Bop It!
  • When not playing, use the included stand to display your World's Smallest Bop It!
  • Video: Teeny Tiny High Score
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The World's Smallest Bop It is a playable recreation of the original mind-melting skill game at just a fraction of the size. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the pulls, twists, and bops are every bit as challenging as with the original.

Following directions to manipulate the knob, slide, and button sounds so simple, so why is it so tricky to pull off a win? Maybe it's the accelerating instructions throwing off your rhythm, maybe it's the pressure of sliding your way to a high score, or maybe it's just the way the game twists your mind in knots.

Challenge yourself in normal mode or beat-bop (where the verbal commands are replaced with sound effects), or for a twist on the game, turn on pass-it mode to add a fourth command to your kinetic conduction and play with friends to see who's got the fastest fingers and the nimblest noggin.

This 25th anniversary edition toy is decked out with 90s style and includes a commemorative stand for you to display your playable trophy… if you can ever put it down, of course.

Features & specs

  • A miniaturized version of a classic Bop It!
  • Fully playable
  • Includes: working tiny Bop It! and 25th anniversary stand
  • Plays in 4 modes: solo, pass-it, beat-bop solo, and beat-bop pass-it
  • Approx. dimensions: 5" x 2" x 1 1/4" (12.7 cm x 5 cm x 3.1 cm)
  • Net Wt.: 5 oz (141.7 g)
  • 3x LR44 batteries required (included)

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