Prank Thank You Card: 3+ hours of looping music and a hidden glitter bomb.
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Prank Thank You Card

Trick greeting card with 3+ hours of looping music and a hidden glitter bomb.

Prank Thank You Card
This card plays for three hours!
The card is booby-trapped with glitter!
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It’ll last longer than your friendship.
  • Prank Thank You Card
  • This card plays for three hours!
  • The card is booby-trapped with glitter!
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  • Video: It’ll last longer than your friendship.
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The best pranks are the ones they don’t see comin’. The Prank Thank You Card looks like a genuine, if not a bit cheesy, expression of gratitude… but there’s a deviousness lurking below the flap.

When your recipient/victim opens the card and hits the button inside, they’ll hear "Thank You for Being a Friend". But the sweetness of the gesture starts to wear off when they realize the song doesn’t stop playing.

With no off button, the song plays on loop for at least three hours until the battery mercifully dies. And if they tear open the card to destroy the speaker, they’ll first be ambushed by a glitter confetti bomb waiting inside.

Whether you give the Thank You Card in the spirit of sincere gratitude or sarcastic revenge, we can guarantee you won’t be hearing, "You’re welcome!"

Features & specs

  • A prank greeting card with an endlessly looping song
  • Song cannot be turned off unless battery is destroyed
  • Song: Thank You for Being a Friend (The Golden Girls theme song)
  • Includes glitter confetti concealed in the inside flap
  • Song loop duration: 3+ hours
  • Volume increases when recipient tries to turn it off (two levels of volume)
  • Safe mode allows you to personalize the card without starting the loop
  • Front graphic: “thank you thank you thank you”
  • Inside graphic: “Thank you… Thank you forever!”
  • Card dimensions: 7” x 5” (17.78 cm x 12.7 cm)

Prank you, prank you very much

Once activated, the Prank Thank You Card starts playing Thank You For Being a Friend, popularly known as the theme song from The Golden Girls. Like the beloved show, this song has a long run (and several spin-offs) as the tune plays repeats continuously until all sanity is lost (or the battery dies—whichever comes first).

Luckily for you, the card has a “safe mode” that allows you to open it as many times as needed without triggering the card’s repetitive loop. Unluckily for the recipient, the card anticipates the ways someone will try to turn off the sound. If they press the button again, the volume increases a level. And if they try to open the card to take out the speaker, they’ll find a cache of glitter hidden inside, which, since it’s glitter, will get everywhere. Have fun!

It’ll last longer than your friendship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How explosive is this “glitter bomb”?

Answer: The glitter inside the Prank Thank You Card doesn’t blast out or anything. Rather, the card is secretly full of glitter confetti that will naturally spray out when the recipient tears open the card.

Question: So is there a secret off button somewhere?

Answer: Nope! The Prank Thank You Card will stop playing when the battery dies (after about three hours) or if the card is destroyed.

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