Prank card that won’t stop playing your audio message.
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Recordable Joker Prank Birthday Card with Glitter Bomb

Prank card that won’t stop playing your audio message.

Recordable Prank Birthday Card
Recordable Prank Birthday Card image
Recordable Prank Birthday Card image
Recordable Prank Birthday Card image
Recordable Prank Birthday Card image
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  • Recordable Prank Card
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    • Note: The outer design of the card has changed since this video was made.
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Recordable birthday cards are a sweet way to send a thoughtful message to a loved one on their special day. This is not one of those cards.

The Recordable Joker Birthday Card is a great way to prank your friends or nemeses, possibly making them lose their sanity.

When the birthday boy or girl hits play on their card, they’ll hear a custom message that you recorded. And then they’ll hear it again. And again. And again. With no off switch, your greeting will play on repeat until the battery dies or the recipient destroys it.

This truly devious card even has a booby trap that unleashes glitter confetti on the person who tries to remove the speaker inside. It makes getting older seem not so bad in comparison.

Features & specs

  • Greeting card with looping customized message
  • Message can not be turned off unless battery is destroyed
  • Includes glitter confetti concealed in the inside flap
  • Message loop duration: 1+ hours
  • Message length: up to 15 seconds
  • Safe mode allows you personalize the card without starting the loop
  • Front graphic: “Happy Birthday”
  • Inside graphic: “foooreeeveeeer”
  • Card dimensions: 9” x 6” (22.86 cm x 15.24 cm)

Notes on this video

  • Note: The outer design of the card has changed since this video was made.

Crappy birthday to you!

Created by the same evil geniuses who gave us the Joker Birthday Card, this version of the hilariously annoying card allows you to create your own recorded message to play on a seemingly-unending loop.

You can record a nice, sweet message and let the repetition make it annoying. Or you can be extra mean and record something truly devastating to their eardrums: nails on a chalkboard, squeaky brakes, an acapella Katy Perry cover—the choice is yours. 

With over an hour of playback loop, your message will last long after the candles were blown out.

Record custom greeting card
The real gift is when the message stops playing.

Put annoying on loop

The Recordable Joker Birthday Card is as easy of a practical joke as you’ll find.

To record your message, simply hold down the button inside the card and record for up to fifteen seconds. You can re-record your message as many times as you need to perfect your prank and can test it without starting the loop.

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, pull the tab to set your trap. Once activated, it can't be turned off, so the next person to hit the play button will hear your track until the battery dies or the card is destroyed.

Record a 15 second message.
Turn 15 seconds into 60+ minutes.

A glitter grenade

As a final irritating touch, the Recordable Joker Birthday Card has a stash of glitter confetti hidden inside the back flap. As your recipient attempts to destroy the embedded speaker to save their sanity, the glitter spills out to make an unfortunate mess. Now they’re annoyed... and sparkly!

All these features combine to give the birthday boy/girl a truly memorable surprise… just not memorable in the way they would want.

Glitter booby trapGlitter booby trap
It’s diabolically funny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I sign it without setting off the loop?

Answer: Yes. Thankfully, the Recordable Joker Birthday Card has a safety mode. The loop won’t start until you pull the tab on the inside of the card and the play button has been pressed again.

Question: Seriously, how do I turn this thing off?

Answer: The Recordable Joker Birthday Card doesn’t have an off switch. Your only options are to destroy the speaker (and deal with the glittery mess) or wait until the battery runs out (which will take over an hour). Happy Birthday!

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