Joker Birthday Card: Prank birthday card that won’t stop singing until it dies.
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Joker Birthday Card

Prank birthday card that won’t stop singing until it dies.

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Sign, seal, and deliver a practical joke that your friend won’t forget no matter how hard they try... because they’ll still hear it!

This prank greeting card looks like an unassuming birthday well-wish with a cute audio accompaniment. When your recipient pushes the button inside the card, they’ll be serenaded by a special pre-recorded birthday song.

The trick is that the song never stops! Your recipient will grow more exasperated as the birthday jingle plays on a loop. If they try to stop it by pressing the button, the music only plays louder. The only way it will stop is if the battery dies or it’s destroyed.

Happy pranking with this diabolical Happy Birthday card!

Features & specs

  • Birthday greeting card that won’t stop singing until the battery dies
  • Outside text in script: “Happy Birthday”
  • Inside text: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOREVER...”
  • Safe mode for quiet signing & delivery
  • Recipient presses the musical note to hear the pre-recorded birthday song, which never stops until the battery dies.
  • Volume increases as recipient tries to turn it off (four levels of volume)
  • 3+ hours of audio well-wishing

Notes on this video

  • The design of the card's front has been changed (it's now red) since this video was made. Nothing else has changed.

Happy Birthday (Forever)!

Can you have too much of a good thing? It’s nice to be acknowledged on your birthday, but what if the acknowledgement never ends?

This simple (but attractive) card plays a cheerful song on a loop...and keeps playing until the battery dies!

Prank birthday card plays a song on a loop until the batteries die!
♫ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday! ♫ (repeat ad infinitum)

Looks Harmless Enough...

...too bad it doesn’t sound that way! Although its understated appearance suggests it’s an ordinary birthday greeting card, a few minutes with the card in hand will reveal the horrible truth.

As long as you can contain your giggles until your mark presses the button, you’ve pulled off the ultimate birthday prank. The birthday boy or girl will appreciate the corny birthday song the first time through. The second time they hear it, they might just assume it’s a really long song. Then on the third round, they’ll wonder if it’s broken. That’s where the real fun begins because pressing the button again only makes the singing louder!

The card will continue to serenade for at least three hours! It’s a birthday prank they’ll remember all year long!

Press to play. Extra presses increase the volume!
It turns out there is such a thing as too much birthday cheer.

Question: Is there a safe mode?

Answer: Yes, you can safely test the card before sending it. The card comes with a perforated tab that you must remove to activate the unending enthusiasm of a non-stop birthday song.

Question: Okay, it’s funny for a while, but how can you shut it off?

Answer: You really can’t! Outside of destroying the card, the Joker Birthday Card will continue to play for as long as the battery lasts.

Question: How long will the battery last?

Answer: The battery should provide at least three hours of looped playback.

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