Stank Prank Candle: A candle that’s a literal gag gift.
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Stank Prank Candle

An amazing dual-scented candle that’s a literal gag gift!

Stank Prank Candle
More like a “poopy” trap.
Part yum, part yuck.
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Don't Get Caught By The Prank Police!
  • Stank Prank Candle
  • More like a “poopy” trap.
  • Part yum, part yuck.
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  • Video: Don't Get Caught By The Prank Police!
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When the Trojans accepted a giant wooden horse from the Greeks, they had no idea what was in store for them. Plan your own sneak attack (of equally epic proportions!) with the Stank Prank Candle.

The candle, disguised with the name, “Orchard Breeze”, starts out smelling of sweet apples. But after a few hours, the scent turns into what can only be described as a breeze made of farts.

Give it as a gift to a friend or family member, or embed it in a white elephant event for a truly heinous prank.

The Stank Prank Candle was meticulously designed by, and is sold exclusively at, Vat19.

Features & specs

  • Prank candle with unassuming label
  • Jar material: glass
  • Paraffin wax and zinc wick
  • Glass dimensions: 3.5”H x 2.5”D (8.9cm x 6.4cm)
  • 8 ounces: 2 oz of "Apple Orchard" scent atop 6 oz of "Flatulence" scent
  • Exclusively sold at Vat19
  • 30-35 hour burn time
  • Hand made in the USA
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

A slow burn

This prank is going to take some time, but the payoff is definitely worth it. When your coworker or friend finally confronts you with a sour expression and your gifted candle, you’ll know you hit practical joke pay-dirt.

The Stank Prank Candle is like lighting a bomb with a 3-hour fuse or setting a gift-wrapped booby trap. However you deliver your package, once they start to enjoy it, it is going to smell... well... like this.

The Stank Prank Candle is a disguised “gotcha” gift.
More like a “poopy” trap.

This apple is rotten

As your victim settles into the delicious scent of apple, they’ll be blisfully unaware of the foul scent that awaits them. The intoxicating smell of "Orchard Breeze" will slowly transform into something so foul it will clear out any room!

Bonus points awarded if your victim sets up the candle in a public space.

The Stank Prank candle has a small layer of apple scent on top of the poop scent.
Part yum, part yuck.

Question: Do the two smells blend?

Answer: There is a small window where the good smelling wax burns along with the bad smelling wax. The mixing of the waxes actually makes the transformation less noticeable at first.

Question: How long will the stinky part burn?

Answer: The apple part will burn for about 3 hours but we honestly don’t know how long the putrid part will last because it smells too bad to burn the entire candle. We doubt anyone will want to put themselves through that much torture.

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