Scary Peeper: A creepy window display for truly frightening pranks.

Scary Peeper

A creepy window display for truly frightening pranks.

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Lots of supernatural horrors are scary: ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. But what's truly scary is the real threat of an ordinary person, lurking and watching you.

The Scary Peeper plays into the primal fear of being watched to create the ultimate prank, whether it's on Halloween or any other day of the year.

The original Scary Peeper takes the creepy visage of a man in a hoodie, cupping his hands around his face to get a better look inside your private space. And the Tapping Peeper takes the creep-factor up ten fold, since this peeper not only peers into your home, he also taps on the glass to get your attention.

Tap into the visceral terror of your family and frenemies to play the ultimate scary prank with the Scary Peeper!

Features & specs

  • A prank peeping tom that can scare the pants off of just about anyone
  • Available in two styles: the original Scary Peeper and Tapping Peeper
  • Approximate dimensions: 12 1/2" × 11" × 6 3/4" (31.6 cm x 28 cm x 17.1 cm)
  • Materials: painted silicone face and hands, nylon hoodie
  • Includes a suction cup to attach to the inside or outside of a window
  • Battery-powered Tapping Peeper has a motion-sensor that taps on detection or optionally every 8 seconds
  • Battery-powered Tapping Peeper requires 3x AAA batteries (included)

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♬ Somebody's Watching Me (Single Version) - Rockwell
It's so spooky, they'll want to call the cops!
It's so spooky, they'll want to call the cops!
Pull an easy prank with a suction cup mount.
Pull an easy prank with a suction cup mount.
Choose a classic creeper or a tapping Tom.
Choose a classic creeper or a tapping Tom.

A frightening face

Make your friends and family jump out of their socks with the Scary Peeper! This creepy watcher stares into an unsuspecting pranked person's window, causing their hair to stand up on their neck. And when they finally see that they've been seen, they'll scream loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood.

For a classic long con prank, opt for the Scary Peeper and wait for it to be noticed. If you want a more ominous observer, opt for the Tapping Peeper. His finger will tap on the window pane until your victim seeks out the source of the sound and finds himself face-to-face with a total creeper. Scary stuff!

Watch out; you're being watched!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it legal?

Answer: It was actually banned in Canada for a while, but now it's loose (and potentially in your neighborhood)!

Question: Won't this give somebody a heart attack?

Answer: Pranks are best when everyone enjoys it, so try to only "peep" on people who won't die of fright.

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