Spitting Llama Hat: A furry llama hat that sprays water!
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Spitting Llama Hat

A furry llama hat that sprays water!

Spitting Llama Hat
Looking good or up to no good?
  • Spitting Llama Hat
  • It's a llama; what did you expect?
  • Looking good or up to no good?
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This pack animal is packin’ a surprise prank. When you don the furry and silly Spitting Llama Hat, it looks like innocent (and somewhat silly) decoration. But much like the quirky animal itself, you can ambush unsuspecting onlookers with a llama loogie (or in this case, clean tap water)!

The Spitting Llama Hat has a small, refillable bulb that hides in a pocket inside the soft, shaggy mane. Give it a squeeze and a tube in the llama’s mouth will shoot a bit of water up to 25 feet! The llama’s adorable face and luxurious faux fur make it the most fun way to start a water war this side of the Andes.

Features & specs

  • Llama-styled headgear with refillable water spraying bulb
  • Sprays up to 25 feet
  • Adjustable velcro strap fits most heads ages 3+
  • Material: polyester
  • Ages 3+

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Adorable assassin

Llamas are one of the most feared animals in the world...no, they're not deadly, but people just generally don't like to get spat upon.

Now with the Spitting Llama Hat, you too can become one of those feared animals. To aggravate your friends, simply fill the reservoir with clean tap water, tuck the reservoir in the hat, put the camelid on your cranium, and wait for your unsuspecting victim. Once you've got them right where you want them, simply squeeze the reservoir and watch as your friend is devilishly doused with water.

It's a llama; what did you expect?

An attractive animal

Not only is this hat a hit when it comes to pranking but it's also incredibly cute. Lure your friends in with its charming presence and strike up a conversation. Once you've successfully gained their trust, wash it all away with a generous smattering of "spit"!

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Looking good or up to no good?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this machine-washable?

Answer: The material is polyester, so follow the usual rules when machine washing. Hang to dry.

Question: Can I use liquids other than water?

Answer: Probably, as long as it doesn't clog the reservoir and hoses.

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