The Dirty Dunk: Over-the-door basketball hoop laundry hamper.
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The Dirty Dunk

Over-the-door basketball hoop laundry hamper.

The Dirty Dunk
Mounts on any door up to 2” thick.
The quick-release toggle makes the net easy to empty.
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  • The Dirty Dunk
  • Mounts on any door up to 2” thick.
  • The quick-release toggle makes the net easy to empty.
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Layup your laundry and sink your sweaty socks into The Dirty Dunk. Leaving unclean clothes all over your floor is a foul, so clean up the paint with a couple of jumpers into this basketball laundry bag.

Installation is as easy as hanging the padded hooks over your door and—there's no and. You're ready to start sinking your gym clothes from range. When the game is over, release your laundry directly into your laundry basket by using the spring-loaded toggle to open the bottom of the net. Now you're ready for the second half.

Shoot hoops into your hamper with the Dirty Dunk for good, clean fun.

Features & specs

  • Over-the-door laundry hamper styled after a basketball hoop.
  • Fully playable
  • Transforms the drudgery of cleaning up dirty clothes into a game
  • Release the drawstring clasp to empty your laundry right into your basket
  • Fits on any door with its easy hanging design

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Hook shot hamper

Transform your bedroom from pigsty to arena with a single hoop: the Dirty Dunk!

The rim and backboard fit over your door and give you a place to literally toss your laundry, turning the chore of clean-up into the joy of a game.


Instant installation

The Dirty Dunk will have you shooting socks and jamming jeans in no time thanks to the super-simple installation.

The over-the-door hooks allow you to hang the backboard over any door less than 2" thick, and the hoop slides in without tools so you can get right to your personal dunk contest.

The Dirty Dunk easily installs with hangover hooks and removable rim
Mounts on any door up to 2” thick.

Nothing but net

When your hamper’s as stuffed as your stat sheet, a toggle on the bottom of the net easily allows the drawstring to open and the dunked clothes to fall out into a basket for you to take to the washing machine. Since you're probably wearing clothes right now and will tomorrow, this is more of a full timeout than the end of the game.

A hand loosens the drawstring opening on the bottom of the net.
The quick-release toggle makes the net easy to empty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I hang on the rim?

Answer: That doesn't sound like a good idea.

Question: Is it regulation?

Answer: Most people don't live in sports arenas, so the Dirty Dunk has been appropriately sized to fit on the back of a 6'8" door and collect laundry instead of basketballs.

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