Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils (10-pack)

Made from 100% recycled newspapers.

Not available for purchase
Not available for purchase

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Smencils are the finest smelling pencils you'll ever come across. Each pack of Smencils includes ten gourmet scented pencils. Not only are they made from rolled newspapers, but all components of the product are made from recycled or environmentally friendly substances.

Each Smencil comes in its own individually labeled plastic tube (to preserve freshness, of course). The tube is made from recyclable corn plastic, so it's eco-friendly, too!

Each 10-pack includes one Smencil each of ten tasty scents. Available in standard gray graphite and colored graphite packs.

Each set of Smencils comes in a plastic zippered pouch.

Features & specs

  • Made from 100% recycled newspaper
  • Includes 10 different fragrances
  • Individual plastic containers for each Smencil
  • Biodegradable erasers
  • Maintains scent for 2 years
  • Available in standard or colored graphite packs
  • Packaged in a plastic zippered pouch

Watch our Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils video

Notes on this video

  • Please note that the currently available scents differ from when this video was shot.

Includes ten gourmet scented pencils

Smencils Scented Pencils come in packs of ten that include one of each ten scents. Please note that the scents pictured below may change.

The current roster of scents includes: Waffle Cone (or Blueberry Syrup), Gum-E-Bear, Juicy Melon, Razzle Berry, Cherry Vanilla, Syrup-Dipity (or Blackberry), Pompaya, Sorta Soda, Kinda Cola, and Pear.

Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils include 10 fragrances
Each gourmet scented pencil comes individually packaged in a plastic tube.
The top of each tube indicates the fragrance. The pencils themselves are also labeled.

Smencils are made from 100% recycled newspaper

Regular pencils are made from wood, but Smencils are made from rolled newspaper!

The newspaper is soaked in environmentally friendly fragrances and then wrapped tightly around the graphite core. The ferrules (the metal thingy that holds the eraser) are recyclable and the erasers are biodegradable (of course, this only applies to the standard graphite packs because the colored packs do not have erasers).

The Smencil plastic tubes are also recyclable.

Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils are made from 100% recycled newspaper
One newspaper can create approximately 400 Smencils.

Smencils smell good when sharpened

Because Smencils are made from recycled newspaper, you can see the layers of newsprint when you sharpen them. Since each layer has been individually coated in fragrance, even the shavings smell good!

Smencils sharpen just like any other "regular" pencil.

Smencils sharpen just like regular pencils
Smencils can be sharpened just like any other pencil.

Yes, they write just like a regular pencil!

For those of you worried, we included the picture below so you can see that Smencils do, in fact, write just like a regular pencil. The graphite in the Regular Smencils is standard No. 2.

Smencils smell good and they save trees
Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils smell great and they save trees!

Available with regular graphite or fun colors!

Smencils are available in two different styles: regular or colored. Each pack includes ten scents.

The difference is that the regular graphite pack uses standard graphite and the pencils have erasers. The colored packs do not have erasers and the color of each pencil's markings matches the "color" of the scent.

 Lead colorEraser situationScentage
Regular Graphite Smencil PackStandard / Gray / GreyYeppers!10 scents
Colored Smencil Pack10 different colors!None10 scents

Colored Smencils match the "color" of their scent

Colored Smencil packs are scented like their regular lead counterparts, but with a twist. Each colored Smencil matches the "color" of its scent as closely as possible.

For instance, Juicy Melon is pink; Cherry Vanilla, red; Razzle Berry, blue; and so forth.

Smencils Colored Scented Pencils
Not only do you get 10 different colored pencils, but they're scented too!
Please note that the scents you receive may vary from what is pictured above. 

Each 10-pack of Smencils comes in a zippered pouch

Toss your Smencils in a school bag or keep them organized and tidy in a toy bin with the convenient plastic carrying pouch.  Every 10-pack of Smencils (colored and regular) will arrive in a zippered pouch.

Smencils are packaged in a plastic, zippered pouch
Every set of Smencils comes in a convenient carrying pouch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the writing scented, too?

Answer: No, only the pencil itself is scented. Your writing will be "plain".

Question: What scents will I get? The pictures don't match the text description!

Answer: The manufacturer tends to rotate and change the scents fairly often. We list in our text description the most current line-ups. That being said, there sometimes can be a variation between packs.

Currently, the ten scents are: Waffle Cone (or Blueberry Syrup), Gum-E-Bear, Juicy Melon, Razzle Berry, Cherry Vanilla, Syrup-Dipity (or Blackberry), Pompaya, Sorta Soda, Kinda Cola, and Pear.

For example, each pack will include Gum-E-Bear, but you may have either Waffle Cone or Blueberry Syrup (but not both). Suffice it to say, the scents are all really good. So, don't stress out about it!

Question: How long will the scent last?

Answer: If you keep your Smencils in the included tube when not in use, it should last up to two years!

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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