Glow-In-The-Dark Crystal Growing Kit: Grow your own geodes that glow!
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Glow in the Dark Crystal Growing Kit

Grow your own geodes that glow!

Glow in the Dark Crystal Growing Kit
Grow your own glowing crystal in just a matter of days with this kit!
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  • Glow in the Dark Crystal Kit
  • Grow your own glowing crystal in just a matter of days with this kit!
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Crystals are one of nature's beautiful creations but can often take millions of years to form. With Glow-In-The-Dark Crystal Growing Kit, however, you can shrink eons of effort into a week. This little glowing geode generator is a fun and fascinating science kit that lets you grow unique crystals on a phosphorescent base that glows in the dark!

Begin the process by adding the included solution packet to hot water. This breaks the particles into tiny bits and saturates the solution. Once the water cools, the particles will re-connect, forming organized lattice structures at the molecular level that quickly grow into captivating crystals in just a few days. Leave your newly formed creation in the sun or bright light for a few minutes, and then take it to a dark room and watch it glow!

Although these mystical minerals may look magical, the only magic here is the magic of SCIENCE!

Features & specs

  • A DIY crystal growing kit with glow-in-the-dark properties
  • Clear crystals with a green glowing base
  • Includes: plastic container, crystal powder, muddler, seeded crystal, gloves
  • Crystal powder ingredients: ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate
  • Net wt.: 1.76 oz (50g)
  • Caution: contains chemicals which can present a hazard to health. Keep small animals and children away from the experiments.
  • Adult supervision recommended
  • Ages 10+

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