Nightball Basketball: Inflatable ball with motion-activated LEDs.
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Nightball Basketball

Inflatable ball with motion-activated LEDs.

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Light up the court while you light up the scoreboard and start ballin’ with the Nightball Basketball.

The motion-activated LEDs inside this indoor/outdoor ball illuminate when you start your game so it’s easy to track your shot no matter how dark the court. Work on your jumper into the night watching the bright green ball trace fluorescent arcs through the air and into the hoop.

The cool, radioactive-like glow of the Nightball will make you want to push back your games until after sundown.

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Features & specs

  • Inflatable ball with motion-activated LEDs
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Official size
  • Automatic shut-off when not in use
  • Unique matrix surface design
  • Material: latex-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic thermoplastic rubber
  • Ages 8+
  • Requires six LR44 batteries (included)

Illuminate and dominate

No more relying on streetlight or moonlight for your late night hoops: now your game has a glow of its own.

Bounce or hit the Nightball to turn on half of the interior LEDs. A second impact fully illuminates the basketball (which stays lit as long as you keep ballin’). You don’t need to worry about the lights staying on all night; the shut-off is as automatic as Steph from the corner.

Take a shot in the dark.

Dunk after dark

Becoming an All-Star doesn’t just happen when it’s convenient; it takes around the clock dedication. With the Nightball, you can work on your game anytime you get a free moment—day or night. The vibrant green glow of the radioactive rock lights up the darkness of your driveway or outdoor court so you never miss a rebound.

If you’re more of a casual baller, the light-up ball is perfect for late tip-offs or those games of h-o-r-s-e where no one misses.

Shoot hoops anytime, anywhere
Shoot hoops anytime, anywhere
Like light-up sneakers except it actually serves a purpose.

Night moves

The Nightball has a style all its own. Instead of traditional leather, this ball is made from TPR materials that give it the feel of hard plastic when inflated. The ball’s intricate patterned design fits the otherworldly aura of this green glowing globe. Even your airballs will look cooler.

While different in design, the Nightball is still officially sized so you don’t have to alter your shooting mechanics from your daytime games. You can use it as your game ball on hardwood or asphalt and be just as unstoppable either way.

Officially sized light-up basketball
Unlike your 3s, these batteries aren’t constantly drained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this going to shut off during my elaborate free throw routine?

Answer: The Nightball’s LEDs shut off after about 70 seconds of inactivity. Unless there’s a replay review or a media timeout, you should be fine.

Question: So I can play an epic night game with this?

Answer: You’ll be able to see the ball really well but not necessarily other players. We recommend wearing other light-up or reflective gear to avoid injury.

Question: Is this just like using a leather basketball?

Answer: The tactile sensation is different since the Nightball is made of different material. However, your playing experience should be the same since it conforms to official sizing.

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