Document Dunk: Throw away your paper like an all-star.
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Document Dunk

Throw away your paper like an all-star.

Document Dunk
Use Document Dunk to turn unwanted wads of paper into game balls.
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  • Document Dunk
  • Use Document Dunk to turn unwanted wads of paper into game balls.
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Don’t waste your waste by simply dropping it in a trash can. Use Document Dunk to turn unwanted wads of paper into game balls and bring fun back to your workday.

Position your office trash can on the hoop’s wooden base so the opening sits directly below the nylon net. Now you’re ready to reuse that leftover meeting agenda as a three pointer or recycle your rejected proposal into a half court buzzer beater.

Whether you’re reliving your glory days or just relieving your boring days, Document Dunk is the best way to bring the court to your cube.

Features & specs

  • Miniature basketball hoop for wastepaper basket
  • Material: plastic with wooden base and nylon net
  • Approx. dimensions: 31.5” x 11.75” x 12” (80.01 cm x 29.85 cm x 30.48 cm)
  • Foldable rim
  • Note: trashcan not included

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Rim-rattling recycling

Can you drain it from the desk? Can you cash it from the copier? Can you make it splash from the water cooler? Document Dunk raises fun questions you normally wouldn’t encounter on a mundane workday.

The mini basketball hoop is a great way to run up the score on boredom and encourage recycling at the same time. Set your trash can underneath the net to collect paper from your cubicle or from your whole team. You may even look forward to corporate memos so you can rerack for your next shootaround.

Play a game of PIG or TPS.

All-star amusement

Document Dunk brings basketball fun to your office with a nylon net, transparent plastic backboard, and sturdy wooden base. The base is marked to look like half of a basketball court complete with a three-point line, free throw line, colored lane, and lines for free throw rebounders.

If you need to store it behind your file cabinet when the boss comes around, just detach the pole from the base and fold up the rim. The only thing you have to worry about is choosing your regulation game ball: printer paper or notepad paper?

Wastebasket basketball hoop
Bank in the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a specific trash can that I need?

Answer: Document Dunk should work with most small office trash cans. The net is about 16” from the base, and the base is about a 9” wide.

Question: Will this help my shooting in my pickup game?

Answer: Yes, but only if you normally shoot hoops in an office chair while dressed in business casual attire.

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