Take A Number Kit: A desktop dispenser of ordered attention and sanity.
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Take A Number Kit

A desktop dispenser of ordered attention and sanity.

Take A Number Kit
Read the mini book while you make them take a number and wait!
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  • Take A Number Kit
  • Read the mini book while you make them take a number and wait!
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Modern life is hectic as heck, and the only way to tame that snarled set of stress is to sort things out in an organized fashion. Make your problems get in line with the Take A Number Kit.

Styled after a butcher's favorite tool kit (after the slicer, of course), this ticket system dispenses a new number with each pull. Make your coworkers, kids, and anyone else annoying you wait until you're ready. Then press the button on your Now Serving digital scoreboard to call up their number.

In case you need even more help arranging the chaos, this kit includes a booklet titled A Little Guide for Office Sanity, with chapters suchs as "People Problems," "Tech Temptations," and "Distractions as Rewards."

Whether it's a tongue-in-cheek gag gift or a strictly serious solution to too many problems, the Take A Number Kit can contain the craziness in an ordered fashion.

Features & specs

  • A tiny ticket dispenser
  • Includes: 1 mini counter-style "take a number" system with 100 paper tickets, 1 digital number board to display the number currently being served, 1 mini booklet
  • A Little Guide for Office Sanity is a 39-page mini book
  • Digital number board counts up at the press of a button.
  • Number system is mechanical, digital display board is electronic and requires 2x AAA batteries (included)
  • Digital display automatically turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Ticket dispenser stands approx. 5 1/2" tall (14 cm)
  • Recommended for ages 12+

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