Screaming Goat Figurine: Mini goat statue that makes a screaming noise.
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Screaming Goat Figurine and Book

Desktop goat statue that makes a screaming noise.

Screaming Goat Figurine
Demo of the Screaming Goat Figurine
  • Screaming Goat Figurine
  • Video: Demo of the Screaming Goat Figurine
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Why do goats scream like people? There's no great answer to this question, but regardless of the reason, we can all agree the resulting scream is hilarious.

Indulge nature’s bizarre sense of humor and perch a Screaming Goat Figurine on your desk. When you're feeling frustrated, need a laugh, or just want to puncture the silence of a mundane office, press the Screaming Goat Figurine's stump to unleash a cry that could wake the neighbors.

The detailed figurine is accompanied by a 32-page color-printed mini-book with facts and trivia about goats. Keep this toy nearby and you’ll laugh even louder than it screams!

Features & specs

  • Goat statuette that bleats out a blood-curdling scream
  • Press the cut rings on the tree stump base to activate the scream
  • Battery operated (battery included) with LR41 button cell
  • Includes a 32-page leaflet of goat facts
  • Recommended for ages 7+

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