Mini UFO Cow Abduction Kit: Beam up bovines with this fun desk display.

Mini UFO Cow Abduction Kit

Beam up bovines with this fun desk display.

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We all have to run out for a gallon of milk sometimes, and I guess extraterrestrials are no different. The Mini UFO Cow Abduction Kit turns this classic urban legend into a tiny tableau to decorate your desk.

A little green man pilots the kit’s mini spaceship which has been outfitted with lights and sound effects to complete the sci-fi feel. Put your little cow out to pasture on the mound of fake fuzzy grass and move the UFO over it to snatch your bovine (using magnets instead of a tractor beam, of course). The UFO even reacts to a completed abduction with special sounds as you speed back to your galaxy.

When you’re done with your cosmic cattle rustling, use the clear plastic display stand to keep the flying saucer in permanent close encounter mode. It’s a funny piece of decor that reminds you that the truth is out there (in fact, it’s right on your desk).

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Features & specs

  • Mini desk decoration modeled after a livestock alien abduction
  • Spaceship has LED lights and sound effects that react to an abduction
  • Includes miniature spaceship, cow, faux grass mound, clear display stand, 32-page illustrated booklet, and three 1.5-volt LR44 button cell batteries
  • Spaceship features a lights-only mode
  • Spaceship dimensions: 3” diameter (7.62 cm)
  • Ages 8+

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