Ostrich Pillow Lite: Portable Power-Napping Pillow
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The Ostrich Pillow Light

The ultimate portable power-napping pillow.

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The Ostrich Pillow Light is the ultimate portable power napping pillow.

Slide it over your eyes and enjoy the tranquil comfort offered by the smooth, breathable, and non-absorbent band filled to the brim with cushiony-soft polystyrene beads (aka beanbag chair filling).

Hand-crafted in Spain, the Ostrich Pillow Lite allows you to enjoy a quick nap nearly anywhere. Its super-soft and flexible filling fits the contours of any surface, but is firm enough to provide support and prevent discomfort. So, snuggle up to that subway partition, park bench, or airplane window. With the Ostrich Pillow Light, it'll feel like a little slice of heaven.

Adjustable band fits nearly any size head.

Features & specs

  • 95% viscose – 5% elastomer

Mute your distractions for easy napping anywhere!

The Ostrich Pillow Light (second cousin to the Ostrich Pillow) is a highly effective napping pillow. Simply place it over your head, rest your head against any stable surface, and enjoy a rejuvenating power nap.

The comfortable, breathable band blocks out light, muffles noise, and allows you to rest comfortably up against almost any surface.

Woman napping on public transportation thanks to the Ostrich Pillow Lite.
Block out distractions and grab a quick nap anywhere with the Ostrich Pillow Lite.

The beanbag-esque bliss awaits you!

The Ostrich Pillow Light is filled with the same kind of polystyrene balls you find inside of bean bags. This means that the band is soft and squishy, but firms up under your full weight. So, feel free to catch some zzz's up against a park bench, a light post, or even a tree — because you'll think you're in bed!

The outer fabric of the Ostrich Pillow Light is made from 100% viscose cloth. It's lightweight, breathable, non-absorbent, and does not trap heat. This means you're not going to wake up from your nap in a sweaty hot mess.

Man taking a nap up against a tree with the Ostrich Pillow Lite.
The Ostrich Pillow Light is filled with polystyrene balls (same stuff as bean bags)
to ensure comfortable napping anywhere.

Always be prepared for a napping emergency

When you're on the go, you just never know when you're going to need to grab a quick nap. With the Ostrich Pillow Lite, you're always prepared. Small enough to fit into almost any briefcase or purse, the Ostrich Pillow Lite can also double as a make-shift scarf on your way to the train or subway.

The Ostrich Pillow Lite is a portable napping pillow.
Lightweight and portable, the Ostrich Pillow Light is perfect for traveling.

One size fits all!

The Ostrich Pillow Light will fit nearly any size head thanks to a snugness adjusting strap on the back of the band.

Ostrich Pillow Lite seen from two angles.
The soft and comfortable Ostrich Pillow Lite can fit almost any size head with an adjustable strap on the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this render the Ostrich Pillow obsolete?

Answer: Nah! We see the Ostrich Pillow Light as a more portable, travel-friendly version of the Ostrich Pillow.

Question: Will I look like Geordi from Star Trek when wearing this?

Answer: We see the resemblance, but that seems like a bit of a stretch. However, if you were to wear the Ostrich Pillow Light on the top of your head, you will look like Sway. This is why you don't wear the Ostrich Pillow Lite on top of your head. You wear it over your eyes so you can sleep and not look like Sway.

Question: Does it really work?

Answer: Oh yes indeed! The Ostrich Pillow Light is incredibly effective for power napping. It blocks out the light, helps muffle ambient sounds, and turns locations that are generally inhospitable for napping into personal power nap stations.

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