Air Bubble Suit: Costume made from real bubble.
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Air Bubble Suit Costume

Coat and pants made from real bubble.

Air Bubble Suit
Air Bubble Suit image
Air Bubble Suit image
Air Bubble Suit image
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Cloak yourself in pockets of sealed air with the Air Bubble Suit.

This two-piece costume features a hooded jacket with a velcro closure and elastic waistband pants. And yes, the entire outfit is made from real bubble!

Air Bubble Suit fits most adults.

Features & specs

  • One size fits most
  • Elastic waistband
  • Jacket with hood
  • Velcro to keep jacket fastened
  • Made from real bubble!
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

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We are black-plague serious: This is 100% real.

The Air Bubble Suit is made entirely of... bubble, which makes it perfect for any occasion in which high fashion is warranted.

Man wearing bubble wrap costume while blowing bubbles.
It's a dangerous world out there. Stay safe with the Air Bubble Suit*.
*Air Bubble Suit is not protective gear. It's for fun, silly.

Of course it's real bubble wrap!

The #1 question asked by all who will see you proudly strutting around in the Air Bubble Suit is, "Is that real bubble?!"

The answer is "Absolutely!". Thus, try to be a bit careful when rocking your new suit so you don't pop all of the air pockets in your costume.

The Bubble Wrap Costume is made from real bubble wrap.
As its name implies, the Air Bubble Suit is made entirely from bubble wrap.

One size fits most

The Air Bubble Suit comes in one size: awesome.

It's a two-piece wonder of tailoring that features a hooded jacket with a velcro opening and a sleek pair of flat-front pants with an elastic waistband.

The Air Bubble Suit will fit most adults. If your normal sizing is anywhere from S to L, you'll have no problem fitting into the costume.

The Bubble Wrap Costume features a jacket (with hood) and pants.
The Air Bubble Suit features a hooded jacket with a velcro closure and pants with an elastic waist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it warm?

Answer: You're encasing yourself in plastic, so yeah, it'll keep you pretty toasty.

Question: Is the Air Bubble Suit fragile?

Answer: It's no more fragile than standard bubble. We wouldn't suggest wearing it during the running of the bulls, but it can certainly handle a raucous night out.

Question: Can I pop the bubbles?

Answer: Sure, but this reduces the protective capacity of the suit as well as its awesomeness. So, tell those envious onlookers to keep their paws to themselves. A blast from your Marshmallow Bazooka should deter them.

Question: Will it fit kids?

Answer: We believe that any child over 5 feet tall will fit into the Air Bubble Suit.

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