Prank Packs Fake Gift Boxes

Wrap your real gift in a hilarious fake gift box.

Bathe & Brew
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Beer Beard
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Coffee Talkies
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iArm Forearm Mount
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Motorized Rolling Pin
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Noggin' Net
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ToeTunes Slipper Speakers
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Pull off a hilarious gift-giving prank on a friend or relative with a Prank Pack fake gift box. Each Prank Pack box is about the size of a large phone book and looks like the packaging for a ridiculous yet plausible product.

Your recipient will be bewildered by your strange gift of an iArm, Coffee Talkie, Beer Beard, Motorized Rolling Pin, Noggin' Net, Bathe & Brew, or ToeTunes. Try to contain your laughter as they pretend to be appreciative. When they finally open the box, their real gift (which of course is something awesome from will be revealed. Prank Packs are great fun for everyone!

Choose from seven Prank Pack prank gift boxes.

Note: Purchase is for an empty box only. The absurd product on the box is not included with purchase.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 11.25" x 9" x 3.25"
  • Made in the USA.
  • Yes, the box is empty.
  • Choose from seven hilarious fake products.

Watch our Prank Packs Fake Gift Boxes video

Yes, we are selling empty boxes.

Yes, the Prank Pack prank gift box is empty. But thankfully it isn't also blank, or else we'd have a lot more explaining to do.

Each Prank Pack looks like the packaging for a real (albeit completely ridiculous) product. However, they're just plausible enough to make your recipient think they're real -- and that you've gone completely crazy.

Half the fun is in watching your friend or relative try to act like they're not horrified by the gift they think you've given them. Revel as they try to look excited to receive an iArm, Beer Beard, Noggin' Net, Motorized Rolling Pin, Coffee Talkies, ToeTunes, or Bathe & Brew. Oh the hilarity!

Prank Packs fake gift boxes are hilarious prank gift boxes.
Prank your friends and family with these realistic phony product boxes.

Seriously. Just empty boxes. But they're hilarious!

The concept behind Prank Packs is pretty simple: fool your friends and relatives into thinking you're the worst gift-giver ever and watch them squirm as they pretend to praise your fake gift.

Of course, once they open the prank gift box, they'll realize that you're anything but a terrible gift-giver. In fact, (assuming you purchase your gifts from, they'll realize you're an awesome gift-giver AND that you have a stupendous sense of humor.

Prank Packs Fake Gift Boxes will make them question your gift-giving abilities.
Prank Packs do not require a PhD in BioChemistry to operate.

Wrap your awesome gift in a fake gift box.

Your friends and family will think you've gone Mad-Hatter when they unwrap a Prank Pack Fake Gift Box. However, as soon as they open the box, they'll know that the joke is on them.

Watch the recipient squirm as they try to comprehend why you bought them a horrible gift.
"A travel mug and a 2-way radio? What the...?"
The Prank Pack Prank Gift Boxes hold a real gift.
"Oh, a Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick, that's awesome!"

Hilarious boxes for everyone on your list!

Select from seven hilarious faux-product boxes. There's sure to be one for everyone on your list. And Prank Packs are great year-round: birthdays, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Menopause Awareness Month, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas!

Bathe & Brew Shower Coffee Maker and Soap Dispenser

"A multi-tasker's dream, the Obe'ir Bathe & Brew shower coffee maker brews up to 12 cups of great tasting coffee, while you shower - in the shower!"

"Measure! Add one tablespoon of ground coffee per three minutes of shower time."

Bathe and Brew front and back views

Click on the pictures below for more views of the Bathe & Brew:

ToeTunes Slipper Speakers

"Tired of headphones that cover your ears? Feeling disconnected from the outside world? Fed up with wires bumping against your head and body? ToeTunes is your solution!"

"Before you head to the pricey spa, remember that as little as 4 of your favorite tunes played in direct contact with your feet is just as therapeutic, and more fun for those around you!"

Bathe and Brew front and back views

Click on the pictures below for more views of the ToeTunes:

The iArm Forearm Mount

"Coffee, cell phones, children, steering wheels...Life's full of unnecessary distractions, and at times multitasking can get downright dangerous."

"Limbmax Technology presents the iArm, the forearm mount that gives you, well, an extra arm. Just 4.5 lbs. and fully adjustable, the iArm lets you take your favorite gadget with you, and with the optional "multi-mount", you can secure up to three items at once."

iArm Foream Mount multiple views

Click on the pictures below for more views of the iArm:

The Beer Beard: Secret Beverage Dispenser

"The Beer Beard is so much more than the world's first face-mounted secret beverage dispenser. It's a great way to regain your freedom, alleviate awkward public stares and feel great all day."

"Going to the big game, a concert or an art show? Just fill your Beer Beard with up to 72 ounces of your favorite refreshment, strap it on and sip at your leisure through the patented Thirs-T-Tooob™. With the Beer Beard, you'll always be undercover and overhydrated!"

Prank Packs Beer Beard - Secret Beverage Container

Click on the pictures below for more views of the Beer Beard:

Coffee Talkies: The Original Travel Mug / 2-Way Radio

"Everyone knows that local, short-distance commutes are more enjoyable when shared. Now, thanks to SWISS-NAVY, just grab one of your Coffee Talkies and never fall out of touch on the way to the corner store, the neighbor's garage, or your own mailbox."

"How do you take your coffee? If you said internationally, you're in luck. Coffee Talkies adapt automatically wherever they're used to accommodate different regional tones and pitches, so you always feel face-to-face."

Prank Packs Coffee Talkies

Click on the pictures below for more views of the Coffee Talkies:

Noggin' Net: Wearable Fishing Net

"It's a hat! It's a net! Dock fishing! Boat fishing! You'll land 'em all, no matter what the size!"

  • "Quick-Land" Aluminum Telescoping Handle
  • Patented Flex-Stretch Fabric Gather/Hold-Down Strap Device
  • 100% Nylon Construction
  • Looks Good On, Even Better Off

Prank Packs Noggin' Net

Click on the pictures below for more views of the Noggin' Net:

Henri Rémoulade's Motorized Rolling Pin

"Automatically rolls forward AND backward!"

"Stop avoiding recipes that require rolling!"

"You'll feel stupid using any other cooking utensils."

"Most people know that we, the French, have the most to offer in the ways of cuisine, culture and character. That is why I, Henri Rémoulade, set out to rebuild the American kitchen, one tool at a time! Each utensil is designed personally by my staff to capture the spirit of Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur and the vivacity of old Languedoc-Roussillon! Merci beaucoup!"

Prank Packs Motorized Rolling Pen

Click on the pictures below for more views of the Motorized Rolling Pin:

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