Giant Rubber Chicken: A colossally annoying poultry prank toy.
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Giant Rubber Chicken

A colossally annoying poultry prank toy.

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Looking for a colossal version of a classic prank toy to add your annoyance arsenal? The Giant Rubber Chicken will have even your strongest-willed friends begging for mercy in no time.

With its seemingly endless scream lasting up to 45 seconds, this hilarious hen can cause a delightful disturbance whenever needed. The rubbery exterior makes this behemoth bird extra-durable, perfect for a robust ruse. Hide it under your friend's couch cushion, place it in a darkened hallway to signal a sadistic midnight surprise, or even turn it into a ridiculous rubber chew toy for your dog.

This cheeky chicken is twice the size of its familiar featherless family members so what it lacks in discreteness it makes up for in decibels. Give the Giant Rubber Chicken a giant squeeze and enjoy the anguish on the faces of your friends and family!

Because we receive this item in an assortment of colors, we must sell them randomly. You'll receive red, pink, yellow, green, purple, or black.

Features & specs

  • An oversized rubber chicken that squawks when you squeeze it
  • Can hold a scream for about 45 seconds
  • Material: Durable rubber
  • Approx. length: 29.3" (74.4 cm)
  • Available colors: red, pink, yellow, green, purple, and black
  • Your color is chosen at random
  • Ages 3+

Vacuum Rubber Chicken Prank! #giantrubberchicken #rubberchicken #vat19 #prankwars #prank #officeprank

♬ original sound - Vat19

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