Jerk Balloons: Hilarious Prank Balloons.
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Jerk Balloons

15-pack of hilarious prank balloons.

Jerk Balloons
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Jerk Balloons image
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When you've grown a special bond with a close friend, sometimes you just have to show them how much they mean to you… by being a little mean.

Celebrate those closest to you by roasting them with Jerk Balloons, a set of fifteen stylish balloons with slightly harsh messages on them like, “You stink” or “I hate you”.

The multi-colored Jerk Balloons feature four different messages in a variety of stylish fonts. A fifth style allows you to write in your own message, so you can decide how mean to be.

Whether you give a balloon to your best bud who needs their ego popped or a sibling you want to rub the wrong way, just remember to follow it up with the “I'm the worst, sorry” balloon.

Features & specs

  • Fifteen balloons per order (3 each of 5 styles)
  • 5 messages: You stink, I hate you, I'm the worst, sorry, You’re ____, You are a douchebag
  • 5 colors: blue, orange, yellow, green, black
  • Dimensions: 10" diameter inflated

Go ahead, be THAT guy!

When a tight friendship forms with a coworker or colleague, humiliation can become an act of acceptance and love. Stick your proverbial elbow in your buddy’s metaphorical ribs when you give them this unique helium-filled roast.

Laugh along with your friend when they see the message, “You stink,” but just remember that when you prank someone, you might find your own, “You are a douchebag” balloon waiting for you at a later date.

Jerk Balloons are perfect for pranking friends.
If they don’t get it, you probably aren’t friends.

Choose from a variety of word weaponry

Choose your words carefully with a single Jerk Balloon, or give your victim a bouquet of brutal balloons. 

Each order of Jerk Balloons contains fifteen balloons with five different phrases. To be clear, you'll receive three of each style.  And if you think your good-natured fun might be misinterpreted, there’s always the apologetic, “I’m the worst, sorry,” balloon.

Five messages and colors to choose from
Four burns and an apology.

Question: Since these say mean things, why would I give these to anyone?

Answer: Everyone knows a person or two that can’t take a joke. These balloons are not for them. However, your good friends will certainly get the joke and won't misinterpret these as genuine sentiments of loathe.

Question: Are the colors of the balloons random?

Answer: The colors are assigned to the type of balloon. “You are a douchebag” is green, “I hate you” is black, “You stink” is yellow, “You’re a ____” is orange and, “I’m the worst. Sorry.” is blue.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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