Racing Cats in a Box: Pull-back racers styled like a kitty in a cardboard box.
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Racing Cat in a Box

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Pull-back racers styled like a kitty in a cardboard box.

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When it comes to cardboard boxes, cats have a rule: if it fits, they sits. But that doesn't mean they need to immobilize in their corrugated fortress. And with Racing Cats in a Box, these cardboard-cart cats are on the move!

Put the four wheels on the ground as you ratchet up the racer by pulling backward. As soon as you let go, the fast felines fly forward as if they spotted a fresh pile of laundry. Without steering, the cardboard-driving cats will careen around and either clinch victory or crash. Luckily, even if these cats have a catastrophe, they've got plenty more lives left to race again.

Which feline will cross the finishing line first? Collect a whole litter and find out!

Because we receive this item in an assortment, we must sell it randomly. You'll receive one gray, orange, black, or tan racer.

Features & specs

  • A pull-back race car with a cat in a box on top
  • Drag the racer backward on the floor to ratchet up the power; let go to let it race
  • Net Wt. (per racer): 0.74 oz (21.2 g)
  • Length: 2 5/8" (6.6 cm)
  • Materials: plastic box with a vinyl cat
  • Available in four styles of cat: gray, orange, black, and tan
  • Your style will be selected at random
  • Ages 3+

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