Blobfish: Ugly-cute super-soft stuffed animal.
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Blobfish Stuffed Animals

Ugly-cute super-soft stuffed animal.

Blobfish Stuffed Animal
It’s a big blob of squeezable plush!
Hideous comes in all sizes.
  • Blobfish Plush
  • It’s a big blob of squeezable plush!
  • Hideous comes in all sizes.
  • Blobfish Plush — Mini
  • Blobfish Plush — Large
Blobfish Plush - Mini
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Blobfish Plush - Large
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Pulled from the depths of the sea, the blobfish is considered to be one of the ugliest known animal species on the planet.

But when it’s re-created as a super-soft plush pal, the blobfish transforms from comically grotesque to downright cuddly.

The Blobfish plush is available in two sizes: hugely huggable and cute and cuddly.

Features & specs

  • Cute plush modeled after ugly blobfish
  • Material: synthetic plush with polyester stuffing and hard plastic eyes
  • Available in two sizes
  • Approx. large dimensions: 12" x 20" (30.5 cm x 50.8 cm)
  • Approx. mini dimensions: 8" x 5.5" (20.3 cm x 14 cm)
  • 10% of profits donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
  • Ages 3+

Ugly and snuggly

Does the blobfish have a future in modeling? Definitely not. But is this blobfish stuffed animal totally huggable? You betcha! Modeled after an incredibly ugly underwater animal, this pink plush exudes a so-ugly-it-needs-to-be-loved quality that you have to feel to believe.

True animal lovers get it.

Disgustingly cute

Part of the appeal of the blobfish is that it’s such a bizarre animal. It has gelatinous flesh and no skeleton, so it turns into a floppy bloated blob when removed from its natural ocean depths.

This blobfish plush is just as goofy and gross as the real thing, but it’s infinitely softer. So squeeze it, hug it, lay on it, or toss it in your room for a frowning fish that will always make you smile.

More cuddly than the real thing!
It’s a big blob of squeezable plush!

One fish, two fish

Just how gross do you like your blobfish: a little or a lot? You can choose a giant, overstuffed pillow-sized blobfish or a miniature desk-and-shelf companion. They both look equally disgusting, so choose the one that fits your blobfish lifestyle needs.

Two huggable sizes: 20” and 8”!
Hideous comes in all sizes.

Question: How big is the nose?

Answer: The nose of the bigger blobfish is about the size of an adult man’s fist. The nose of the smaller blobfish is about the size of a racquetball.

Question: Are these as soft as the Squishables?

Answer: While the Blobfish is made by a different manufacturer than Squishables, our professional cuddlers have confirmed that the Blobfish is just as squishy-soft and huggable.

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