Chimeras Mix 'n Match Plush Animals
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Chimeras Mix 'n Match Stuffed Animals

High-quality rearrangeable plush animals.

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National Geographic has never seen a Batephant... because you haven’t created it yet! Chimeras are amazing stuffed animals that have detachable limbs and ears, allowing you to create your own totally undiscovered adorable beast.

Collect the plush toys to form fun combinations like you're the Dr. Frankenstein of plush. You could end up creating a Panbataraffephant!

The appendages attach using high-quality snaps that are durable enough to last through countless configurations, from a Giranda to a Panaffe and back again.

Features & specs

  • Stuffed animals with rearrangeable appendages!
  • Available in four styles: Bat, Elephant, Giraffe, and Panda
  • Durable parts snap together easily
  • Ultra-soft fabric
  • Ages 3+
  • Box dimensions: 14" x 6.5" x 6.5"
  • Sold separately

Notes on this video

  • Please note that Chimeras are no longer sold as pairs. Each animal is sold separately.

Mix-n-match plush toys

You can travel the globe trying to find a Batephant, but you'll never find one until you make one. With Chimera Mix 'n Match Stuffed Animals, you can unsnap the appendages of one animal and attach them to another's body to create new and wild animal mixes!

Take half a Giraffe and switch it with a Panda for a wacky hybrid, or go full Chimera and switch all the arms, legs, and ears to make a Giranda.

Mix up the limbs for new animals
Want a new stuffed animal? Swap a few parts and make one!
Note: Each plush is sold separately.

They did the monster mash-up!

Unleash your inner mad scientist as you create fun animal mash-ups with Chimera plush toys. Experiment with dozens of combinations until you unlock the perfect companion.

I mean look at that guy! It's an Elebat! And he's an adorable abomination!

Chimeras come in pairs for remixing
Collect all of the Chimeras for an entire zoo of animal combinations.

Create new animals in a snap

Each detachable appendage utilizes a sturdy snap system that makes it easy to pop on a new leg, arm, or ear.

And because all Chimeras use the same type of snap, you can combine multiple animals to fashion even more exotic breeds.

Snaps attach limbs
Snap on, snap off, construct a new species.

Cute or creepy? Yes!

See how much you can stretch your imagination with the curious combinations of creature parts. Borrow bat wings for your many monstrosities and make them fly! Grab a part or two from the giraffe to give lanky limbs to your other creations. Personalize your pachyderm, or swap parts with other alluring animalia to give your panda a peculiar personality!

Chimera combinations
You'll love making new creature combos!

Can't live without it?
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