Purrito: A cozy plush kitten that comes wrapped like a burrito.


A cozy plush kitten that comes wrapped like a burrito.

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There are a lot of burritos that can give you heartburn, but the adorable Purrito is the only one that can make your heart melt.

Like its Mexican food namesake, the Purrito is delivered wrapped in aluminum foil. But instead of beef wrapped with a tortilla, you’ll find a smiling kitty cozily nestled in a soft blanket inside. While you can’t actually unswaddle the happy little feline, you can snuggle up with its ultra-soft fleecy fur and plush wrapping.

The Purrito satisfies your cuddle cravings and makes cuteness easy to deliver.

Features & specs

  • Stuffed doll made to look like a kitten wrapped in a blanket
  • Packaged in foil to resemble a burrito
  • Approx. dimensions: 7” x 4.5” x 4.5” (17.78 cm x 11.43 cm x 11.43 cm)
  • Material: polyester fiber

Stuffed with adorable

The Purrito lives up to its clever name in two ways: the cozy kitty is burrito’d in a tightly-wrapped blanket, and it comes packaged in tin foil like the Mexican food staple. The unique packaging makes for a fun unboxing and a cute surprise when you gift this adorable animal.

Once you unwrap the foil, you’ll see the kitty peeking out of the top of their blanket with smiling eyes as if they just woke up from a cat nap. The plush animal is snuggled up in a soft, fleecy blanket that's irresistible to touch.

You’ll enjoy your new stuffed toy so much, you’ll want to go back for seconds.

Unwrap the cuteness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: But how do I eat it?

Answer: The Purrito is a plush toy that is packaged and presented like a burrito. It does not contain any food.

Question: And how many Calories are in it?

Answer: See the above answer.

Question: And also, what are the nutrition facts?

Answer: See the above answer.

Question: Ok, but is it low carb?

Answer: It's a freakin' cute and cuddly stuffed animal, not food!

Question: What does the cat look when you unwrap the blanket?

Answer: The blanket cannot be removed. Your Purrito is permanently cozy.

Sorry! We're sold out until October 09.


More stock arriving on October 09, 2020.

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Note: The product details shown on Vat19 (including price) may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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