Skwinkles: Pineapple flavored hot candy strips with tamarind flavored filling.

Skwinkles Pineapple Candy Strips

Pineapple flavored hot candy strips with tamarind flavored filling.

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The perennial classic candy flavor "Red" is great and all, but if you've got a sweet tooth with a slightly more sophisticated palate, satisfy it with the sabroso flavor of Mexican Skwinkles Pineapple Candy Strips.

The complex flavor of this chewy candy starts with a base of hollow pineapple flavored straws. These treats are lightly dusted with chile powder and infused with the tangy taste of a tamarind filling.

The combination of sweet with heat is just as wonderfully balanced as the pairing of piƱa and puckering tamarind. So grab a pack and an amigo to share them with (or don't) and buen provecho!

Features & specs

  • Chewy candy strips with pineapple and tamarind flavor
  • Sweet tropical flavors with a mildly spicy finish
  • Approx. 4 pieces per package
  • Net Wt.: 0.92 oz (26 g)
  • Made in Mexico
  • Recommended for ages 3+

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