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Spiral Light Candle

Unique coiled wick candle recycles itself into a pillar candle.

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The Spiral Light Candle is two amazing candles in one.

Begin by lighting the spiral wick embedded in the wall of the hollow candle. As it burns around the edge of the candle, melted wax runs into the open space in its center.

When the level of wax inside the candle rises to the height of the flame, it self-extinguishes. Brilliant! But that’s just the beginning for the incredible Spiral Candle. Thanks to the melted wax from the spiral flame, the candle has now transformed itself into a solid pillar candle with a wooden wick.

Between the three hour burn time of the spiral wick and the forty-five hour burn time of the wooden wick pillar candle, you can fill your home with a warm glow and the soothing scent of vanilla for over forty-eight hours.

Features & specs

  • Spiral-design cotton outer wick
  • Wooden inner wick
  • Total burn time: approximately 48 hours
  • Dimensions: 4” diameter x 6.25”
  • Vanilla scented
  • Made in the USA

The candle that burns down and turns into another candle!

The Spiral Candle burns in a very unique pattern. The flame curls around the outside edge of the candle, and as its wax melts, it pools into the hollow center, filling it up.

After about three hours, the spiral wick will fully burn and the flame will automatically extinguish. You can now light the wood wick in the center of your newly-formed pillar candle for an additional forty-five hours of burn time.

The self-extinguishing spiral wick burns for 3 hours while the collected wax pillar candle burns for an additional 45 hours!
Flames for days.

Watch the demo

Check out the video below to see the amazing Spiral Light Candle in action.

A delight to the eyes and nose.

A lit candle adds a sense of coziness to any environment, and that’s doubly true for American-made Spiral Candles. In addition to their mesmerizing flames, both stages of the Spiral Candle’s wax are lightly scented with sweet vanilla fragrance.

Vanilla-scented Spiral Candles are made in the USA.
Smells like freedom (and vanilla)!

Question: Isn’t it dangerous?

Answer: Spiral Light Candles are just as dangerous as any other candle with an open flame (aka all candles). So as long as you’ve taken reasonable precautions and burn them responsibly, Spiral Light Candles will be super fun and safe!


Question: Can I light both wicks at the same time for a really stunning flame display?

Answer: Spiral Candles are designed to burn in two stages. Burning the spiraling cotton wick provides the wax/fuel needed for the long-lasting wood wick of the second stage.

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