Fisher Space Pen: Chrome Bullet Space Pen by Fisher
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Space Pen: Chrome Bullet Pen

Writes at any angle...even upside down.

Space Pen
Space Pen image
Space Pen image
Space Pen image
The Fisher Bullet Pen refill.
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Green Screening Ourselves Into Movies
NASA uses the Space Pen to write upside down, underwater
  • Space Pen
  • The Fisher Bullet Pen refill.
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  • Video: Green Screening Ourselves Into Movies
  • Video: NASA uses the Space Pen to write upside down, underwater
  • Space Pen — Space Pen
  • Space Pen — Refill - Black
Space Pen - Space Pen
Space Pen
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Space Pen - Refill - Black
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The Fisher Space Pen is a ballpoint pen that will write upside down, underwater, on top of grease, and in extreme cold and hot temperatures. It has an estimated shelf life of 100 years. Take that, crummy stick pen.

In 1967, after rigorous testing, NASA selected the Fisher Space Pen for use on the Apollo Missions. They are now used on all manned space flights - American and Russian. We figure if you can't BE an astronaut, you might as well write like one.

Each Space Pen comes with one ink cartridge. But just in case you plan on writing a novel by hand, we now have individual black ink refills available for purchase.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 3.75" (5.25" with cap) x 0.25" diameter
  • Write underwater
  • Write upside down
  • Write on grease
  • NASA Certified
  • Refills: SPR4 medium pressurized

Chrome Bullet Space Pen by Fisher

Fisher Bullet Space Pen case
Fisher Bullet Space Pen in gift box
Fisher Bullet Space Pen complete set
Your Bullet Space Pen comes packaged in a moon-themed gift box. This is the original Bullet Space Pen that went to the Moon in 1969.

Note: All Bullet Pens come gift boxed and contain a #PR4 Black Ink, Medium Point Pressurized Fisher Refill.

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen can be used:

  • Upside down
  • Underwater
  • In extreme temperature, hot or cold
  • At any angle
  • On carbonless paper
  • Over finger prints
  • In zero gravity

Fisher Space Pen facts:

  • The average Space Pen Refill will write 12,500 feet.
  • The first Bullet Space Pen was used on the Apollo 7 mission.
  • The Original Bullet Pen was invented in 1948.
  • The consistency of Space Pen Ink is most like rubber cement.
  • Fisher replacement cartidges are made to fit Mont Blanc, Waterman, Cross, and Paper Mate pens.
  • Prior to the Space Pen, astronauts used pencils to write in space.
  • It would take 3,000,000,000 Space Pens to reach the moon.

Key moments in the history of the Fisher Space Pen:

  • 1968 - Fisher Bullet Space Pens used on Apollo 7 mission after two years of testing by NASA.
  • July 20, 1969 - Bullet Space Pen accompanies Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong during moon landing.
  • 1983 - Fisher Bullet Space Pen is used by Ronald Reagan to sign the Proclamation inaugurating the Air and Space Bicentennial Year to celebrate Man's first flight in a hot air balloon near Paris, France
  • 1997 - Used during Everest North Face Ski Expedition.

See it write underwater

The Space Pen can write underwater and in other harsh conditions.

Ink refills

The special properties of the Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge allow it to last approximately three times longer than a standard ink refill. However, it won't last forever. Luckily, replacement ink cartridges are inexpensive and are now available directly from us!

The Fisher Bullet Pen refill.
Fisher Space Pen ball point refill.

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