Treasure X: Unearth your own buried treasure!

Treasure X

Unearth your own buried treasure!

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Like any good treasure hunt, Treasure X is about more than just what you find; it’s about the fun of finding it too! Hidden somewhere inside the Treasure X brick are a collectible skeleton figure and a treasure chest which might contain gold treasure!

Hunt for your buried goodies using the included plastic X-cavator to chisel away at the soft rock of the brick. Even after excavation, the discovery isn’t over; snap together the pieces of your figure to reveal its themed character and add water to the chest to trigger a fizzy reaction to find out if you got gold-dipped booty.

With 24 figures to collect and the potential for gold in each box, you’ll want to keep digging for Treasure X.

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Features & specs

  • Plastic toys encased in soft rock
  • Dig through the brick to find a treasure hunter figurine and treasure chest
  • Pour water into the treasure chest to uncover plastic treasure piece
  • 1 in 18 chests contain a gold-plated treasure piece
  • 24 available styles of collectible figures and 32 available styles of treasure pieces (both randomly chosen)
  • Includes brick, skeleton figure, treasure chest with treasure, plastic X-Cavator digging tool, plastic coin, and a treasure map
Hidden somewhere inside are a collectible skeleton figure and a treasure chest which might contain gold treasure!
Hidden somewhere inside are a collectible skeleton figure and a treasure chest which might contain gold treasure!

Quest love

Treasure X is the ultimate unboxing: a 10-step adventure process that makes it easy and fun to discover your goodies.

Start your quest by tearing off the gold wrapper surrounding the brick. The plastic coin on top of the brick pairs with the treasure map to act as a guide, letting you know which gold-dipped treasure to look for inside.

Soak the brick in water for 30 seconds and you’ll be ready to use the X-Cavator to start chiseling away. Scattered inside are the skeletal remains of an ancient treasure hunter complete with his weapon. Unearth the seven pieces while keeping an eye out for the treasure chest (which just might hold real gold treasure)!

Unearth your artifacts!

Unlock it

Every secret treasure has a trick to recovering it. While you won’t have to dodge poison darts or outrun a boulder, you will need to know the secret to recovering the final piece of Treasure X.

The treasure inside the chest is buried underneath a hard orange material. Pouring water on the material creates a fizzy reaction that bubbles slowly to unlock the mystery within. Wait for the bubbles to dissipate and then reach in to claim your prize.

Discover your treasure!

Gold digger

Once all the pieces are uncovered and the chest opened, it’s time to see what’s inside. Each chest contains a small plastic piece modeled after a classic treasure icon. There are 24 common pieces ranging from magic potions to dragon claws, sacred pearls, and more. Four of the pieces even glow in the dark!

If you’re lucky, you might be rewarded with the ultimate treasure hunter prize: gold! The eight ultra-rare, gold-dipped pieces are found in 1/18 treasure chests. Will you be the next one to strike gold?

Find gold dipped treasure!
Find ultra-rare gold dipped treasures!

Skeleton crew

Each Treasure X brick contains your own collectible figure! Styled like treasure hunters from long ago, these hunters presumably perished on their quest (I guess they didn’t find the included X-Cavator). Uncover and resurrect (i.e. assemble) your hunter to see which character you will add to your collection. Will you unearth a scurvy-stricken scoundrel from the Pirate Posse, a stealthy ninja from the Blade Brigade, or an ancient Roman from the Golden Gladiators?

With 24 treasure hunter figures in eight character types, there’s plenty of reason to get more and keep digging.

24 collectible figurines
Collect all 24 figures!

Treasured memories

Treasure X restores the storybook thrill of treasure hunting with an experience gift that lets your recipient dig for their own prize.

Helping them on their quest are the four-pronged plastic X-Cavator, a plastic decoder coin, and accompanying treasure map with detailed instructions printed on the reverse. It’s all they’ll need to start the quest for gold.

Includes skeleton figurine with a treasure piece
Includes a brick containing treasure and figure, an X-Cavator, a map/collection checklist, and a decoding coin.

Treasure-X: Unboxing

Jamie and two of his daughters, Molly and Addie, take a first look at this fun collectible.

Jamie and two of his daughters take a first look at Treasure X.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the digging take a long time?

Answer: In our testing, it took about five minutes to dig out the figure pieces and the treasure chest. You should expect this to take a little longer with young children.

Question: How do the coin and map work?

Answer: The map and coin work in conjunction to tell you which one of the eight types of gold treasure pieces will be in your treasure chest if you have a chest containing a gold piece. The map lists the eight different pieces amongst different landmarks. Your coin contains landmark cutouts that line up to a spot on the map and reveal a treasure type.

Question: Are the ultra-rare pieces the same style as common pieces?

Answer: The ultra-rare pieces are different symbols than the common pieces in addition to being plated in gold.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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