WarHeads Pucker Packs: Delicious dual-flavored sour dipping candy.

WarHeads Pucker Packs

Delicious dual-flavored sour dipping candy.

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Dip your metaphorical toe into sour candy with a dipping candy that features two sour flavors in each bite.

Each of the ten Warheads Pucker Packs is divided into two sections: the candy dipping stick on one side and the dipping powder on the other. Instead of a plain sugary taste, the sticks have a distinct sour flavor to complement the powder. Enjoy a sour blue raspberry dipping stick with sour cherry dipping powder, a sour watermelon stick with sour green apple powder, or mix-and-match the packets to find your ideal candy combo.

With two flavors in each pack and the ability to get as much sour-sweetness as you want in each bite, this candy is puckery perfection.

Features & specs

  • 10 packs of sour dipping candy
  • Each packet has a dipping stick and dipping powder
  • Contains two flavor combinations: Sour Blue Raspberry dipping stick with Sour Cherry dipping powder and Sour Watermelon dipping stick with Sour Green Apple dipping powder
  • Net Wt. (total): 3 oz (84 g)
Each unit contains 10 individual pucker packs.
Each unit contains 10 individual pucker packs.

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