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SlapLit LED Slap Wrap Bracelet

Slap bracelet with bright LED illumination.

SlapLit LED Slap Bracelet
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The SlapLit combines ultra-fun "slap it to snap it" slap bracelet functionality with ultra-bright LED illumination to create one awesome safety accessory.

Turn it on, slap it on your wrist, ankle, or upper arm, and you've got instant nighttime visibility. Made from durable nylon, the SlapLit is perfect for walking, hiking, jogging, biking, outdoor concerts, and general nighttime tomfoolery.

Patterned with a reflective spiderweb design for added visibility, the water resistant SlapLit can be curled and flattened countless times. A built-in grommet allows you to hang the SlapLit in straightened form to serve as an LED marker beacon. A simple press of a button switches the SlapLit from constant glow to blinking light.

Included lithium coin cell battery is easily replaceable and lasts for 100 hours.

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Features & specs:

  • Dimensions: 14" x 1.5" x 0.0625" (when flat)
  • Material: nylon
  • Glow or blink modes
  • Battery included (2032 button cell)
  • Water resistant

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Slap bracelet + safety = a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Slap bracelets are simple, yet addictive playthings. Combine that with a bright red glowing LED and you've got yourself the coolest safety product this side of awesome.

The SlapLit LED Slap Bracelet is a 90s style slap bracelet.
A safety bracelet that's also a slap bracelet? You bet your reflectors it is!

Blink or solid glow

Press the on/off button once for a steady glow and twice for blinking light. A third press will turn off the battery.

The SlapLit LED Slap Bracelet's included batteries will last up to 100 hours. Replacement button cell batteries (3V 2032) can be found easily at most convenience or grocery stores.

The SlapLit LED Bracelet can glow or blink.
The SlapLit LED Bracelet can be set to a steady glow or a blinking light.
Simply press the on/off button to cycle through the modes.

Quality construction will last for years

The SlapLit LED Slap Bracelet features a tough, water-resistant nylon exterior that can handle the abuse associated with any number of outdoor activities.

Operating the SlapLit is simple, as it has only one button. Press it once to turn on the LED and set it to a steady glow; press it again for a blinking light; a third press turns off the battery.

The gray spiderweb design on the SlapLit's front provides passive reflectance (meaning it shines brightly when a light, such as a car's headlights, is shined into it).

The SlapLit LED Wrap Bracelet

Fits wrists, biceps, and ankles with the flick of your wrist

The great thing about the SlapLit's slap bracelet design is that it conforms snugly to whatever cylindrical shape you slap it onto.

With a quick snap, it curls around wrists, biceps, ankles, or any tube-shaped object.

Cool tip: Wearing the SlapLit on your lower leg while biking not only increases your visibility, but, if you're wearing pants, prevents them from getting tangled in the bike's gears. 

SlapLit LED Slap Bracelet is great for walking, hiking, jogging, and biking.
The SlapLit LED Bracelet conforms to any tubular-shaped object.

Reflective spiderweb design increases visibility, safety

The SlapLit LED Bracelet features a reflective pattern to increase your visibility to passing motorists.

The SlapLit LED Slap Bracelet features a passive reflective spiderweb design.
The SlapLit LED Bracelet is patterned with a reflective spiderweb design.

Handles sweat monsters, rain with ease

The SlapLit LED Slap Bracelet's water-resistant fabric holds up to sweat and inclement weather.

The SlapLit LED Slap Bracelet is water resistant.
The SlapLit LED Bracelet is sweat and water resistant.

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