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Volt Resistance Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Indoor/outdoor heated slippers with built-in thermostat.

Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers
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Volt Resistance Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers eliminate suffering from cold feet. Featuring an actively heated footbed with a built-in thermostat, each Volt Heated Slipper provides over six hours of cozy warmth per charge.

A plush nylon upper is stuffed with nearly 1.5 pounds (640g) of insulation to trap heat and conserve the power of the two included rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

A rigid and durable sole made from 100% recycled rubber and a water-repellent coating ensure that the Volt Heated Slipper can also keep your feet and toes toasty outdoors.

Includes a wall charger (120V) and two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

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Features & specs:

  • Built-in thermostat automatically adjusts temperature
  • 6+ hours of use per charge
  • Nylon upper with 640g of insulation
  • Actively heated thermal footbed
  • 100% recycled rubber outsole
  • Includes 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Includes wall charger (120V only)
  • Water resistant outer shell
  • Manufacturer's 90 day warranty

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Eliminate cold feet!

Cold feet and numb toes are like torture. But your days of suffering are over! The Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers are exactly what the doctor ordered.

These amazingly comfortable and soft slippers feature an actively heated footbed that rejuvenates cold feet. A lightweight lithium ion battery and a built-in thermostat guarantee optimal comfort and warmth.

Eliminate cold feet with Volt Heated Slippers
Stamp out cold feet with Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers.

Built-in thermostat = perfectly warm and toasty

The Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slipper is an incredible device because it keeps your feet warm and toasty for hours without ever getting too hot.

Its built-in thermostat maintains a wonderfully cozy temperature without ever causing discomfort or sweating (aka swamp foot). Couple the thermostatic control with a heavily insulated upper and you've got the perfect slipper.

Volt Heated Indoor Outdoor Slippers are thermostatically controlled.
They thought of everything.

Six hours of warmth between charges

A lightweight lithium-ion battery (weighing a mere 2 ounces) provides 6+ hours of power for the Volt Heated Slipper. Connection is simple: attach a small plug to the battery which is then placed inside the Velcro pouch on the side of the slipper.

Each pair of Volt Heated Slippers comes with two rechargeable 3.7v lithium-ion batteries.

Volt Heated Slippers feature rechargeable lithium ion batteries.
Each pair of slippers comes packaged with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Amazing slipper equally functional as a shoe

The Volt Heated Slipper is awesome for padding around the house. What makes it curiously awesome is its rigid rubber sole which provides the support and durability required for outdoor adventures.

We don't suggest wearing the Volt Heated Slipper on a 3 mile hike, but it is perfect for quick trips to the mailbox or a stroll around the block.

Enjoy quick trips outdoors with Volt Heated Indoor Outdoor Slippers.
The Volt Heated Slipper features a rubber outsole making it a perfectly functional outdoor shoe.

Rechargeable batteries will last for years

Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers come with two (2) 3.7v rechargeable lithium batteries and a wall charger. Each battery will last for hundreds of charge cycles.

The specially designed dual wall charger features two LED indicator lights. They glow green when their respective battery is fully charged.

Volt Heated Indoor Outdoor Slippers come with an included wall charger and two lithium ion batteries.
Two rechargeable lithium ion batteries and dual wall charger are included with your purchase of the Volt Heated Slipper.

Keep your feet warm... even in the elements!

The Volt Heated Slipper features a durable water repellent coating which causes water to bead up and roll off its surface.

Please note that this coating (like all DWR coatings) will eventually fade. However, there are many products on the market (such as Scotchguard and Kiwi Camp Dry) which can be applied to the outer fabrics of the Volt Heated Slipper to reinvigorate its DWR coating.

Additionally, the rechargeable lithium ion batteries boast water-repellent cases. However, avoid submerging them in water.

Bottom line: The Volt Heater Slippers are not intended for wading through bayou swamps, but they can handle a snow-covered stroll or a light spring shower without skipping a beat.

Volt Heated Slippers feature a water resistant coating.
Volt Heated Slippers feature a durable water-repellent coating.

These heated slippers are easy to clean

If your Volt Heated Slippers get grubby, toss them into the washing machine for a quick rinse. Nice and easy!

Volt Heated Slippers are machine washable.
Volt Heated Slippers are machine washable!

Now that you're ready to buy, here's the size chart

Please note that Volt Heated Slippers tend to run a little big. For instance, I wear a men's size 10 shoe and found the Volt Large to fit perfectly for me.

SizeWomen's (US)Men's (US)
Extra Large11-1210-11.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How hot do they get?

Answer: Volt Heated Slippers feature a built-in thermostat that regulates temperature between 110 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit (43 to 57 degrees Celsius). This is a wonderfully warm and toasty temperature. Not too hot, and definitely won't cause your feet to sweat.

Question: What size should I get?

Answer: Please refer to the size chart above and keep in mind that Volt Heated Slippers tend to run a tad large.

Question: Can I wear them barefoot or do I need socks?

Answer: It is highly recommended that you wear socks. Otherwise, your feet may get too hot.

Question: Are they waterproof?

Answer: No. They are water resistant. The difference is that you can't submerge the Volt Heated Slipper. However, their durable water-repellent coating will cause water to bead up and fall off its fabric. So, fear not the occasional splash or puddle, for your Volt Heated Slippers are protected!

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