Draw Circuits: Easily create your own circuits using an amazing pen.
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Draw Circuits Kit

Easily create your own circuits using an amazing pen.

Draw Circuits Kit
Draw Circuits Kit image
Draw Circuits Kit image
Draw Circuits Kit image
Draw Circuits Kit image
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Draw Circuits provides a hands-on education in electricity that’s safe, intuitive, and creative.

This kit is powered by an innovative conductive ink pen that lets you draw electrical circuits on ordinary paper!

Work your way through the provided lessons, then start creating on your own. To get started, place the steel sheet underneath your paper and decide which of the 11 included modules you want to use. Next, sketch out your circuit using the conductive pen and snap your chosen magnetic components into place.

Current generated by the included battery travels along your lines and powers your components for a satisfyingly completed circuit.

Features & specs

  • Includes conductive ink pen
  • Includes 11 electronic modules: 9V battery adapter with 9V battery, 2 Bi-LED, SPST switch, NPN transistor, potentiometer (10k ohms), blinker, buzzer, RGB LED, light sensor, and a 2-Pin adapter
  • Includes 8 adapter accessories: 5 resistors (100, 1k, 10k, 100k and 1M ohm), 2 capacitors (0.1uF, 1.0uF), and one photoresistor (10k ohms)
  • Includes workbook with lessons
  • Includes Circuit stencil
  • Includes steel sheet
  • Includes jumper sticker sheet
  • Ages 8+
  • Made in the USA

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The power of doodling

Learning about electricity doesn’t require a bulky circuit board or inadvertent shocks. With Draw Circuits you can use pen and paper to turn on lights, sound a buzzer, hook up a photo sensor, and more!

When you create your circuit, the battery provides the power, and the lines you draw act as wires to send that electricity around the page. It’s much easier than twisting wires together under a cap and much more fun than simply reading a textbook. It’s the best way to learn about the science that powers our world.

Draw up plans that are fully functional!

Incredible ink

The Draw Circuits kit’s amazing conductive ink pen contains silver particles, combining science and art in a completely unique way.

Let your pen explore the page, and later electricity will follow along those lines. You can draw a light bulb that lights up or doodle a person with glowing LED eyes. The left and right sides of your brain can finally share more than a living space.

Conductive silver ink
Make your circuits as circuitous as you want.

Magnetic modules

Probably the most entertaining part of designing your own circuit is seeing what you can make it do. The 11 included components feature inputs like switches and photosensors, connectors like transistors, and outputs like lights and buzzers.

The bottom of the modules contain plastic feet with spherical magnets that attach to the steel sheet underneath the page. Snap the components into place to secure them to the page and create an electrical connection between the component and the silver ink. Then complete your circuit and watch your design activate!

Snap-in magnetic modules
Snap them in and watch them work!

Electrical and educational

Rather than learning about electricity from a bulky textbook, Draw Circuits provides an interactive workbook with 27 pages of lessons color coded by difficulty. The lessons have step-by-step instructions, outlines for your circuit parts, and additional information about electricity.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, use the 40+ blank pages in the back of the workbook to create something entirely your own.

Tons of cool circuit projects
Do it by the book, then any way you want.

Power up

In addition to the workbook, the kit includes other accessories to help make your own working electrical circuit. Trace the outlines in the circuit stencil to ensure that your modules will connect in the right spots. And if you ever get confused while drawing your own circuit, consult the symbol guide on the steel sheet as a handy reference.

If you want to expand your circuit, integrate household objects to discover which are conductors and which are insulators.

Includes 11 electrical modules and workbook.
No wires to untangle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it safe to touch the ink when the power is hooked up?

Answer: Yes. When the battery module is connected to a circuit, you can still safely touch the ink without getting shocked.

Question: What happens if I draw on myself with the conductive ink?

Answer: The conductive ink is non-toxic, but it is not recommended for drawing on skin. You’ll want to wash that off as soon as you can.

Question: Can I use any paper or only the stuff in the workbook?

Answer: The conductive ink will work with any paper including construction paper, cardstock, and photo paper.

Question: What is the conductivity of the pen?

Answer: According to the manufacturer, the resistance of the ink is 0.5 to 10 ohms for a 1 cm line.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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