Gremlins Playing Cards: Officially licensed hand-drawn Gremlins card deck.
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Gremlins Playing Cards

Officially licensed hand-drawn Gremlins card deck.

Gremlins Playing Cards
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  • Gremlins Playing Cards
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Deal out wacky characters and the memory of hilarious movie moments with Gremlins Playing Cards. The deck of 52 playing cards (plus two jokers) features hand-drawn illustrations of your favorite gremlin and mogwai characters from both of the 80s horror comedy cult classics.

The reverse of each American-made card features the illustration of a cryptic ancient wooden box with the paws of a mogwai and claws of a gremlin suggesting something mysterious lurks on the other side. Each face card is decorated with a different gremlin or mogwai.

So when you invite some friends over to play cards, pull out your Gremlins deck, but be especially careful not to get these cards wet. And remember—no snacks after midnight!

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Features & specs

  • Officially licensed
  • 52 cards + 2 jokers (red & black)
  • Face cards feature illustrations of Gremlins characters
  • Intricately illustrated box and card backs
  • Air-cushion finish ensures smooth handling and long life
  • Made in the USA by USPCC

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That Stripe sure is a card...

...and so are the rest of the Gremlins gang! The original Gremlins and the new batch from Gremlins 2 join forces to give you a full house of mutated mogwai. The bunch includes adorable, furry Gizmo; Mohawk, the Spider Gremlin; the Electric Gremlin; Vegetable Gremlin; Daffy, the goofy gremlin; the Phantom Gremlin; George, the cigar-smoking gremlin; the Brain Gremlin; the Bat Gremlin; and Greta, the girl gremlin.

The original artwork extends beyond the face cards. Every card in the deck features a Gremlins-styled suit design, while each card’s reverse side is adorned with the lid of a mysterious box featuring Gremlin claws and Mogwai paws reaching from behind.

The Gremlins playing cards feature different gremlins from both of the movies.
The only character missing is Hulk Hogan.

Question: What material are they made from?

Answer: They’re made from laminated cardstock by the United States Playing Card Company, the same company that makes Bicycle, Kem, and Aviator playing cards and are of comparable quality and playability.

Question: Are these waterproof?

Answer: Since they’re made from thick paper, they’re not waterproof, but you shouldn’t be getting them wet anyway... or feeding them past midnight.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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