Medieval Weapons Pushpins: Set of 10 replica weapon pushpins
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Medieval Weapons Pushpins (10-pack)

Set of 10 replica weapon pushpins for your most urgent messages.

Medieval Weapons Pushpins
Medieval Weapons Pushpins image
Medieval Weapons Pushpins image
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Medieval Weapons Pushpins will turn the wimpiest, most passive aggressive notes into veritable royal decrees. Tired of roommates not doing the dishes? Leave a note punctuated with a broadsword pushpin and we're sure you'll have spic 'n span cookware in no time.

Each set of Medieval Weapons Pushpins includes a total of ten thumbtacks (two each of five different swords and axes).

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per pushpin, approximately): 1.5" x 0.5" x 0.5"
  • Includes 10 pushpins (two each of five different weapons)
  • Not a toy (adults only)

Add some urgency to your messages!

A message pinned to your roommate's corkboard with a medieval axe pushpin is sure to be noticed. We're also certain you'll no longer need to end your notes, "Your Action Required". It'll be implied. By the axe.

Medieval Weapons Pushpins Axe holding up a note.
Add some emphasis to your notes with Medieval Weapons Pushpins.

Includes 10 replica medieval weapon pushpins

Each set of Medieval Weapon Pushpins includes a total of ten pushpins. There are five different olde tyme weapons and you'll get two of each style per order: axe, roman sword, dagger, sabre sword, and samurai (aka ninja) sword.

Each pack of Medieval Weapons Pushpins includes 10 classic weapon replicas from ye olde times.
Each set of Medieval Weapons Pushpins includes ten "deadly" pushpins.

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