Mini Shopping Cart: Desk caddy looks and works just like the real thing

Mini Shopping Cart Office Caddy

Miniature shopping cart features flip-up child seat and working wheels.

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The Mini Shopping Cart Desk Caddy is a unique and playful way to organize your small office items. Store your pens, pencils, sticky notes, business cards, candy, and more in this true-to-life miniature shopping cart. Features a flip-up child seat and working wheels.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face or your money back.*

*Guarantee only available to generally happy, non-fussy, cheery, well-fed, and clean-diapered babies.

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 6" x 2.5" x 5.75"
  • Flip-up child seat
  • Working wheels
  • Metal with red plastic accents

Notes on this video

  • 0:04 - Please note that the dimensions of the Mini Shopping Cart have changed slightly since this video was created. It is now 6" x 2.5" x 5.75".

Mini Shopping Cart is a delightful desk caddy

The whimsical Mini Shopping Cart is perfect for storing pens, pencils and other small desk items. It's also perfect for gnomes, nymphs, elves, and fairies looking to do a little grocery shopping.

Mini Shopping Cart Desk Organizer
Hold pens, pencils, business cards, candy, and more in the Mini Shopping Cart Desk Caddy.

Real working parts

The Mini Shopping Cart features a flip-up child seat and spinning wheels. So, you can drive this sucker around your desk with your PostIts® in the child seat and your gummi bears in the basket. Side note: The Mini Shopping Cart cannot accommodate the enormousness of the Jumbo StickIt Pad or the Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick, much less the World's Largest Gummy Bear.

Please be aware that the wheels on the Mini Shopping Cart are fixed, which means they won't swivel. Or wobble uncontrollably.

The Miniature Shopping Cart features a flip-up child seat and real working wheels.
Our Mini Shopping Cart features a true-to-life flip-up child seat and spinning wheels.

They're stackable, just like real shopping carts!

Don't worry that buying a baker's half-dozen of Mini Shopping Carts is going to crowd your desk. The Mini Shopping Cart can be stacked end-to-end just like its gigantic supermarket compatriot.

Our Mini Shopping Carts are stackable just like real shopping carts!
Mini Shopping Carts can be stacked for easy return to the office supply closet.

Adds mucho flair to your dull desk

The Mini Shopping Cart can hold more than just pens, pencils, and office supplies.

It can hold your car keys, the $4 sunglasses you bought on your last road trip, a healthy serving of gourmet Amish popcorn, and of course, your favorite Barbie dolls (or in our case, Swampfire from Ben 10 Alien Force).

Add flair to your desk with the Miniature Shopping Cart
Make sure your desk is as awesomely accessorized as you are with the Mini Shopping Cart.

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