The “U Ice of A” Ice Cube Tray: Silicone tray makes ice out of the States
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The 'U Ice of A' Ice Cube Tray

Silicone tray makes ice out of the States.

'U Ice of A' Ice Cube Tray
'U Ice of A' Ice Cube Tray image
'U Ice of A' Ice Cube Tray image
  • 'U Ice of A' Ice Cube Tray
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Experience a road trip in every drink with the "U Ice of A" Ice Cube Tray. This silicone mold creates 48 ice "cubes" that form the contiguous United States.

Chill your beverage with big and mighty Texas, or keep things cool with a southern trio of Georgia, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

Try filling your cup with just states you have yet to visit or pick only the ones you have lived in. With so many combinations, that lemonade or cocktail just got a little bit more fun… and patriotic!

For extra fun, use the versatile mold to make a jello Colorado or a chocolate Connecticut.

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Features & specs

  • Makes the 48 contiguous states out of ice
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material: silicone
  • Approximate dimensions: 8” x 5” x 1” (20.3cm x 12.7cm x 2.4cm)

With Liberty and Ice for All!

America is a cool place to live, so start letting this great country cool your drinks. Freeze water in the silicone tray and pick your favorite state to chill your beverage. The southern states (like Texas and Louisiana) might usually be hot, but with the “U Ice of A” Ice Cube Tray, they’re always cool.

Note: when you are finished using North America’s greatest country to ice your drinks, throw it in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

“U Ice of A” Ice Cube Tray makes ice in the shape of states.
It’s like a road trip in a cup!

Make chocolate California and jello Jersey!

While making frozen states is pretty amazing, making America taste delicious is something every true citizen should strive for. Fill up the silicone tray with chocolate or jello for an extra patriotic treat. For the ultimate host, make enough for a party and fill bowls separated by state!

Make jello or pudding states too.
A lower 48 treat!

Question: Will the ice cube in the Minnesota shape be colder than the one in the Florida shape?

Answer: Nope, ice adheres to the laws of physics no matter what shape it’s in.

Question: Why isn’t there an Alaska and Hawaii?

Answer: To keep the tray a singular piece that is still in the shape of the country, the manufacturer decided to leave them off. Don't worry, though, we know they are still great states!

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