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Bottle of Wine Giant Glass

Why share? Fill this large wine glass with an entire bottle of wine.

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The Bottle of Wine Glass is located somewhere on the "classy" continuum between "a passed out drunk clutching the last sips of his bottle of Night Train" and drinking straight from the bottle. And that's exactly where we like to be.

Maybe I can't smell the hints of chocolate or raspberry while swirling a fine Chardonnay. But I can put that entire bottle of self-indulgent smugness into my giant wine glass and make you pay another $75 so you can have some. And yes, I do bring my own wine glass to restaurants.

Features & specs

  • Holds a 750mL bottle of wine
  • Allows you to drink bum-wines in a classy fashion
  • Dimensions: 10" tall x 3" diameter (4" stem)

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Gives "Yes, waiter, I'll take a glass of your finest rosé" a whole new meaning

Dear Wine Snobs:

Get off your high horses and buy yourself one of these large wine glasses and have a grand ol' time drinking some wine. Or fill it with espresso and see if your heart explodes. Just have some fun with this giant glass...and buy, buy, buy!


Bottle of Wine Glass
Savoring the complex aromas of a fine wine
is equally obnoxious no matter the size of your glass.
However, the larger the glass, the more awesome the party.

Yes, it really holds an entire bottle of wine!

In order to test out the capacity claims of the Bottle of Wine Glass, we quickly grabbed a bottle of wine and poured the entire thing into the glass. Test done, right? Not at all! We had to make sure it could also hold the contents as we guzzled down that entire bottle.

Thankfully, we took pictures of our experiment. Enjoy!

Bottle of Wine Glass holds an entire 750mL bottle of wine.
Hypothesis confirmed: The Bottle of Wine Glass does indeed hold an entire bottle of wine.

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