Guzzle Buddy: A wine glass that lets you drink straight from the bottle.
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The Guzzle Buddy

A wine glass that lets you drink straight from the bottle.

The Guzzle Buddy
Turn a wine bottle into a wine glass
Guzzle Buddy is spill proof.
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  • The Guzzle Buddy
  • Turn a wine bottle into a wine glass
  • Guzzle Buddy is spill proof.
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If you consider a bottle of wine to be a single serving, you don’t need to kid yourself with pouring individual glasses.

Start drinking from the Guzzle Buddy, and enjoy your vino straight from the bottle while still looking classy… well, classy-ish.

The Guzzle Buddy is a short-stemmed wine glass without a base that screws directly into your favorite bottle. The wine flows through the stem, into the glass, and down your gullet. The silicone stopper affixed to the stem prevents wine from spilling out while you enjoy a small 750 ml glass.

Features & specs

  • Baseless wine glass that fits into wine bottle
  • Silicone stopper prevents spills
  • Approx. dimensions: 5.5” x 3” (13.97 cm x 7.62 cm)
  • Materials: borosilicate glass and silicone
  • Hand-wash only

Chug with class

In today’s judgemental world, polite society shuns those of us who realize the efficiency of drinking wine straight from the bottle.

Until the people rise up and challenge those norms, Guzzle Buddy offers an elegant compromise. The drinking accessory combines the directness of a pull with the sophistication of sipping from a wine glass. It’s a solution that’s nothing short of practical (and by “practical” we mean “gratuitously fun”).

The preferred pronunciation for this varietal is, “whole bottle.”

A bottle-sized glass

With the Guzzle Buddy, turning a bottle into a glass takes less time than saying “duh” to a free tasting at the grocery store. The stem of the gulping glass screws easily into your bottle so you can start tilting and enjoying. The only hard part is ignoring the jealous stares from your dinner guests.

Turn a wine bottle into a wine glass
Has notes of convenience.

Designed for fun

Red wine already stains your teeth; you don’t need it to stain anything else. That’s why the Guzzle Buddy’s stem is fitted with a silicone stopper.

The silicone forms a tight seal that ensures the wine pours into your mouth and not on your clothes. Combined with tough borosilicate glass, you can focus on enjoying your drink and not worry about your new piece of partyware becoming a party foul.

Guzzle Buddy is spill proof.
Meet your new drinking buddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the wine rush out and spill everywhere?

Answer: The Guzzle Buddy pours wine out much slower than if you were to tilt the bottle by itself. It’ll help keep your mess to a minimum.

Question: Does it only work with wine bottles?

Answer: The Guzzle Buddy will work with any bottle that has sufficient opening. In fact, we used a liquor bottle at the end of our video. Drink responsibly.

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