Bounce Battle: Versatile skill game with ping pong balls.

Bounce Battle

Versatile skill game with ping pong balls.

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Pick a pal and pit your skills against them in a ping pong Bounce Battle.

This game board, like a deck of cards, is a playground for a variety of deceptively simple (and simply fun) games. Aim and bounce your balls on a table and land them between the wooden spikes to score points according to their position in the grid. Battle with games like tic-tac-toe, alphabet soup, h-o-r-s-e, and more.

With a selection of short games and the option to play mano-a-mano or on teams, Bounce Battle is sure to fill the niche of your skill game itch.

Features & specs

  • Ping pong ball skill game.
  • Play with 2-4 players
  • Use the set to play a variety of games
  • Play turn-based or race-to-the-finish
  • Includes wooden 3 x 3 x 3 grid, 13 white balls, and 14 orange balls
  • Recommended for ages 9+
  • Games usually last 1-5 minutes

Ping pong pitching

Bounce Battle is a versatile and unique skill game that repurposes ping pong balls into a different kind of table top tet-a-tet.

Instead of slapping a single ball with a paddle, you toss and bounce a series of balls into the game grid against your opponent while trying to create a pre-determined pattern. Like a deck of cards, the Bounce Battle grid can be used for all sorts of different games that involve your dexterity.

Play variants like 3D tic-tac-toe, stop your opponent with a wall, or go move-for-move in a game of H.O.R.S.E Battle. However you play, Bounce Battle will test your skills and pop into the top slot for your favorite ping pong challenge!

Bounce in to win!

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