Cat Bods: Feline play cube with face cutouts for funny poses.

Cat Bods Box

Feline play cube with face cutouts for funny poses.

Sold Out (more Dec. 6)

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Cat Bods is a pet toy that you’ll enjoy even more than your furry friend. This cardboard play cube features four sides decorated with an image where a hole has been cut out of the face. When your feline pokes their adorable little head through the hole, it’ll look like they’re flexing their biceps, floating in space, and doing other people things.

Your cat will enjoy the box part of the box while you get to snap Instagram-worthy pics of the carnivalesque setup. This toy will have you both purring with pleasure.

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Features & specs

  • Cardboard box with “your face here” cutouts for cats
  • Contains four images: a flexing male bodybuilder, an astronaut floating in space, an Egyptian sarcophagus, and a chef with baby arms
  • Features pet door for easy access
  • Approx. dimensions: 12” x 12” x 12” (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm)

Sorry! We're sold out until December 06.

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