The Cheeseburger Cookie Jar
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Cheeseburger Cookie Jar

The super delicious cookie-storing cheeseburger.

This item has been discontinued.

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Eating cookies before a meal can spoil your dinner... unless the cookies are in your dinner!

The ceramic Cheeseburger Cookie Jar justifies a pre-supper binge or a late-night snack with lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese, and two beef patties on a three-piece bun. Delicious!

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Features & specs

  • Looks like a cheeseburger!
  • Material: ceramic
  • Silicone seal for freshness
  • Approx. dimensions: 6 ¾” diameter x 9” height (17cm x 22.86cm)
  • Weight: 4 lb 5 oz (1.9 kg)

Mmm, looks delicious!

Fact: cookies taste delicious. Fact: cheeseburgers are wonderful. With the Cheeseburger Cookie Jar, you don’t have to choose what your favorite junk food is. You can have your cheeseburger and eat your cookies too!

Cookies peek out of the Cheeseburger Cookie Jar
We prefer our cookies medium rare.

Who stole the freshness from the cookie jar?

Nobody, that’s who! The cookies inside the Cheeseburger Cookie Jar are protected from the air by a silicone seal. Just because it has a fun design doesn’t mean you have to settle for stale cookies. So long, stale snickerdoodles!

Silicone seal
You can still smell the sizzle.

Question: Can I put cheeseburgers in the Cheeseburger Cookie Jar?

Answer: Technically, yes. However, we don’t recommend storing meat at room temperature for extended periods of time. Plus, cheeseburgers taste better coming right off the grill.

Question: Will my cookie cake fit inside?

Answer: The mouth of the jar is 5 1/2” wide, so a bigger cookie cake will need to be sliced or broken up first.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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