Chewy Ramune Soda Gummy: Fizzy candy that tastes like Japanese Ramune Soda!

Chewy Ramune Soda Gummy

Fizzy, chewy gummy candy that tastes like lemon-lime Japanese Ramune Soda!

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Make your taste buds tingle with Chewy Ramune Soda Gummies. Instead of a soft drink, this soft candy treat is filled with tangy juicy gummy and tiny fizzy tablets—it's almost like consuming three candies in one!

These chewy soda gummies are packed with the classic Ramune Soda flavor (lemon-lime) complete with fizzy candy bits and tasty flavors at the same time! Unlike the Ramune soda, there's no trick to enjoying these chewy candies (and you don't have to worry about a marble breaking your teeth). Just unwrap and let the Ramune Soda flavor flow!

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Features & specs

  • A chewy gummy candy with a bubbly citrus soda flavor
  • Chewy and fizzy!
  • Flavor: Ramune Soda (lemon-lime)
  • Net Wt.: 1.76 oz. (49.8 g)
  • Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, xylitol, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, gelatin, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, gum arabic, sucrose fatty acid esters (emulsifier), microcrystalline cellulose, tartaric acid, cultured milk (milk, sugar, maltose), dextrose, natural and artificial flavor, malic acid, lactose, FD & C Blue No.1
  • Contains milk and tree nuts (coconut).
  • 10 pieces in a pack

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