Candy Noodles: A candy feast that resembles Chinese takeout

Candy Takeout Noodles

A candy feast that resembles Chinese takeout.

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Chinese takeout boxes have long been a welcome sight for busy eaters (and lazy eaters rummaging for leftovers the next day). Now you can enjoy takeout in fruity candy flavors!

Candy Takeout Noodles offers a sugary sampling of Chinese food staples recreated in a variety of different candies. Start your scrumptious feast with the gummy sprouts and egg before digging into the softer, chewy shrimp and the gummy-wrapped imitation crab. Wrap the sugar-dusted marshmallow dollops with licorice rope noodles and chow down. If you’re feeling particularly authentic, you can play some pipa music in the background.

Features & specs

  • Chewy candy shaped like Chinese takeout, complete with a takeout box
  • Twenty-three different candies included: 3 candy shrimps, 12 candy noodles, 1 gummy egg, 5 candy vegetables (2 gummy sprouts and 3 soft taffies wrapped in red gummy), 2 candy toppings (marshmallows dusted with sugar)
  • Net Wt.: 3.88 oz (110g)
  • Contains wheat
  • Chopsticks not included
  • Tastes like candy, not takeout

One Box, Five Different Candies!

Candy Takeout Noodles don’t just entertain your palate with one type of sugary treat; this box contains a whole family of choice confectionery!

The candy noodles are actually licorice rope, the vegetables and egg are made from a sweet gummy, the imitation crab is made from sweet gummy and sour taffy, the shrimps are a softer, more chewy candy, and the dollops of topping are made from Peep-like marshmallows covered in red strawberry and yellow banana sugar dustings. But unlike real takeout, we don’t think there’ll be any leftovers.

Contents of the Candy Takeout Noodle
Each container includes 23 takeout-inspired candy treats!

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