Coaster Pad Writable Drink Coasters

Drink coaster and reusable memo pad in one.

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Coaster Pads are drink coasters that also function as reusable memo pads.

Styled to mimic the design of a pad of loose leaf or legal paper, each acrylic Coaster Pad can be written on, erased, and written on again with the included dry erase marker.

Choose from two-packs of legal or loose leaf Coaster Pads.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per coaster): 4" x 4" x 0.1875"
  • Erasable and rewritable acrylic glass surface
  • Includes a dry erase marker
  • Rubber feet protect tabletop surfaces

These coasters don't just look like memo pads...

They are memo pads! You can write, erase, and write on them again and again. Coaster Pads are the satyrs of the tabletop accessories world because each acrylic drink coaster doubles as a reusable memo pad!

The surface of the Coaster Pad is ideal for dry erase markers. So, keep one Coaster Pad by your desk at work for jotting down quick notes and another for your drink of choice.

Man writing a note on the Coaster Pad Drink Coaster and Memo Pad.
Coaster Pads are delightful drink coasters that also serve as memo pads.

Dry erase marker is included

Each set of Coaster Pads includes one dry erase marker. Please note that any dry erase marker will work with the Coaster Pad.

Coaster Pad Drink Coasters include a dry erase marker.
Each set of Coaster Pads includes a dry erase marker.

Two coasters (and memo pads!) per set

Each set of Coaster Pads includes two drink coasters/memo pads. In order to prevent the acrylic surface from slipping (as well as marking, scuffing, or scratching your tabletops), each Coaster Pad features four rubber feet.

Rubber feet on the Coaster Pad protect table surfaces.
Prevent slips, scratches, and scuffs thanks to the rubber feet.

Available in two styles

Coaster Pad is currently available in two magnificent styles: loose leaf and legal. We know what you're wondering and the answer is yes, the lines are indeed closer on the legal edition.

Coaster Pads are available in two styles.
Coaster Pads are available in two styles: loose leaf and legal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will any dry erase marker work with the Coaster Pad?

Answer: Yes!

Question: How do you erase the marker?

Answer: You can use a piece of tissue, your finger, or a dry erase eraser.

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